Thai Proverb – Quiz – Elbow

Below is the literal English translation of a Thai proverb. What does it mean?

Drink water under someone’s elbow

13 Responses to “Thai Proverb – Quiz – Elbow”

  1. J.J., is it just my imagination, or is it getting crowded here in the Quizzer Booth?….. Seems someone (Jek) is trying to “worm” in on our scam…..

    Okay, I’ll give it a go….. I don’t know how tasty sweat running down someone’s arm and dripping off their elbow is……. Maybe it’s one of those ancient secret Asian medical miracles that make short people tall……..

  2. Being under someone’s influence or control.

  3. Mr, That’s a cure for baldness.

  4. Jek,

    You going to give a hint?

  5. How about a mark of the poor. Drinking the water out from under a leaking elbow.(plumbing term)

  6. I could say the more the merrier, but since after only a few guesses on my last music quiz I say Go For It Jek. The only thing that I know about Thai is the food is HOT.

  7. OK, hint time.

    Robo’s imagery is correct, minus the plumbing. So one is drinking the water dripping down someone else’s elbow, while that person is drinking from an up-ended jug. We’re looking for an English equivalent saying.

  8. Hmmm. Like getting it second hand? Second banana?


  9. Beggars can’t be choosers?? 🙁

  10. OK, so I started us off with a hard one. Here’s the equivalent meaning:

    Play second fiddle

  11. And this one from a trumpet player. Good…..Very Good.

  12. “play second fiddle : to take a subordinate position” from Merriam-Webster

    Anon was closest to the meaning.

  13. I want points……or a prize!

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