Mr’s De-Evolution Quiz – Presidents

We all bitch about the “Head Man”……. What do we really know about “Presidents”?…… Same-o, same-oOne (1) Point each…….

1. In order, which five persons are in line of succession to the Presidency?
2. Who was the first President defeated for re-election?
3. What was Gerald R. Ford’s real name?
4. What are the Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore, SD, meant to represent? (…and don’t just give their names!…..)
5. Which U.S state has been the birthplace of the most presidents?
(Bonus Point for naming them)
6. What famous quote did JFK steal from his prep school headmaster and adapt for own use?

The gov’ment is now in your hands…… Here’s a line from “What Would You Do?”, a song I wrote a few years back – “Would you be President, or an unknown resident?” (copyright 2000 – Too-Loose Productions)…… Here’s your chance…….

29 Responses to “Mr’s De-Evolution Quiz – Presidents”

  1. #1 This being close to a question on Jeopardy 2 weeks ago, I had it book marked in my Encyclopedia. Vice President, (Dick Cheney) Speaker Of The House, (Nancy Pelosi) President Of The Senate Pro Tempore, (Robert Byrd) Secretary Of State, (Condoleezza Rice) Secretary Of The Treasury, (Henry Paulson).

  2. #6 “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” ?

  3. I really need to get a job. #5 Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, And Wilson were all born in One of the states that I absolutely hated driving thru. Virginia. The Union Of Soviet Socialist Buckeyes (Ohio) comes in 2nd with 7. Come on Guys, I’m getting tired of being so right so much jump in anytime There’s nothing more important than this community……..OK I REALLY need to get a job!.

  4. #4 That the artist needed to get a Real Job?

  5. History….my worss subject next to spelling.

  6. OK, let me deal with the J-Man first….. You got No. 1 and No. 5 for a total of Two (2) Points and One (1) Bonus Point……. Now, as for No.6, you actually think JFK stole “I’m also a Berliner” (Loose translation) from a teacher?….. One BIG Negative point for that and another one for degrading a sculptor with a jackhammer, smart boy….. J.J. gets out with One (1) Point total….. Get a Job, Son and quit playing with the pencils…… Come on out there, to get our government back we need to know it’s history……

    Anon, I promise a “cultured” quiz of some sort next week……

  7. Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota
    there lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
    and one day his woman ran off with another guy.
    Hit young Rocky in the eye. Rocky didn’t like that.
    He said, “I’m gonna get that boy.” …

    But, instead, he carved some faces into a mountain representing 150 years of US history. This was, no doubt, to help with good Rocky’s revival.

  8. Rocky is alive and livin’ well in the Black Mountain Hills, but, Izard, I just finished whopping J.J. between the eyes with a 2X4 for his smart-ass answer (not near as good as yours), so it would be unfair if I didn’t use the same 2X4 on you….. “It Hurts Me, Too” because we need all the humor we can muster in these times, and, that’s funny, but, One (1) negative point for Rocky’s revival…..

  9. #2 George Washington
    #3 Model A. Ford

  10. So you’re saying my answer to #4 was wrong?

  11. Yes, Izard, the question was about Mount Rushmore not Mount Raccoon…… Now I have to get out the 2X4 for Robo for his Model A Ford answer…… That’s a big Negative One (1) Point, Robo…… I’ll consider the #2 answer of Georgie boy as just a wrong guess…. This class discipline thing is getting harder every day!…..

  12. “What are the Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore, SC”

    Oh…I’m sorry. I thought for sure you meant Mt. Raccoon, SC…since Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota (SD).

  13. One little typo…… It was late (or early) when I posted it….. OK, OK…… Even though I think you knew what the question was, I’ll take back the One (1) Negative point just for poor Rocky….. Happy?……. Oh, yeah, I’m going to correct it now , so no one else thinks they can get away with it……..

  14. I’m sorry about that car joke.
    Would you believe#2 Thomas Jefferson
    #3 that would have to be a Model T. Ford

  15. MR: Now you see what I have been dealing with. You get a little nip in the air and all the cats start acting frisky.

  16. OK, Enuf Jocularity.
    #2 Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
    #3 John Adams, Jr. The 2nd Pres. 1797-1801
    #6 Is it the quote from JFK’s Inaugural Speech “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”?

  17. “J.J. is blowin’ away” everybody!….. He had already answered #1 and #5, and now, He’s hit #2, #3, and #6 on the head….. JFK stole his teacher’s quote of, “Ask not what your school can do for you, Ask what you can do for your school”….. That Scamp – talk about a direct steal…… That’s Three (3) more for the J-Man, which, brings J.J. to Four (4) Points total on this quiz….. Oh, yeah, I didn’t forget you, Robo, that Model T earns you another Negative Point…… Are you trying to out-neg-a-tize me?…….

    “Question No. 4 about Rushmore” is still on the table…… Hints start this afternoon……

    I guarantee the next quiz will require subjective answers where the right ones will not be so black and white, and, for Anon and J.J. with a little “Culture”….. How is that culture thing going J.?……

    Also, just to feed the fire, I’ll announce the BIG prizes that will be awarded to at least First and Second (I may include a Third)…… Everybody may get more serious on their comments when they see what’s at stake….. Of course, we need the side-tracked humor…… That’s what we are here for….. You have to be “Insane” to stay “Sane” these days…. G’d Day, eh?……

  18. Let me take a stab at #4. In the official record Izard’s answer was right,

    But, instead, he carved some faces into a mountain representing 150 years of US history. This was, no doubt, to help with good Rocky’s revival.

    But I’m Guessing thats not what your lookin fer. In one of the history’s of Mt. Rushmore The Indians Feel that it is a monument to Racial Inequality. (The Land was supposed to be deeded to the Lakota Sioux for forever, then the Guvmint re-negged) And since the Sculptor was an Admitted Member of the KKK(They were the major funder of his project in Stone Mt. GA) They feel that this a monument to Manifest Destiny, or the Expansion of the US into the west.

  19. If I’m Right, that means that you guys can go to my last Music Quiz and finish it off.

  20. Taking a stab?…… You took one of your trips around the solar system with your eyes closed…… Boy, are reading things in a very simple question that are not there……. In other words – Wrong, J.J……. Time for a hint: Each likeness, sculpted between 1925 and 1941, is meant to represent a different positive aspect of our nation…..

  21. Washington:The defeat of tyranny. Jefferson: The drafting of the Constuition. Lincoln: the abolition of Slavery. Roosevelt: I guess it his being known as one of the 1st naturalists and supporters of Natl Park Service.

  22. NO, NO, NO, and NO…… You did get the President’s names right though…… And, did I mention – No point…… More hints tomorrow…..

  23. Okay, J.J., after looking your answers over more closely, I’m going to give you the point for #4….. Your answers are “in the ballpark”….. Here are the exact answers: George Washington, the nation’s founding; Thomas Jefferson, its political philosophy; Abraham Lincoln, its preservation; and Theodore Roosevelt, its expansion and conservation….. J.J. pulls a double “Hat Trick” and again sweeps the board….. Next week, those encylco’s aren’t going to help you, J…….

  24. Thats ok next week(starting Tuesday) i’ll be on the road.

  25. J., you need a laptop and a wireless card so you can keep in touch with the Community, and, have the encylco on the laptop!…… Sorry to hear you have to “Hit the Road” again……. Maybe something will come up around here soon….. I’ll put out a few feelers and see what I can find for you……. Of course, I don’t know if we can stand you being here on a daily basis – Just Kidding, you know that…… Good Luck ……

  26. “Each sculpture represented something positive in our society”

    MR, how many or few would that take today?

  27. One (1) small bobble-head doll of Daffy Duck….. That should about do it, Sunn…..

  28. Daffy….My hero.

  29. Greedy Daffy – How can you not love him?…….

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