Since I’ve been doing a lot of outside work lately, and, here in Oklahoma, with all the recent rains, humidity, and high temperatures, the insect population has exploded, so, I purchased some insect repellent….. Now, it states very plainly the little varmints it is supposed to repel: Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Biting Flies, No-See-Ums, Gnats, and Fleas….. Just what the Hell is No-See-Ums???…… I guess if you can’t see them, you can’t identify them….. Are they dangerous and/or contagious…… Should we put out a No-See-Ums Alert?…… Anyone care to speculate?……

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  1. They are biting midgets. After more research I have confirmed that, no, this is not a reference to the ‘little people.’ They are those clouds of swarming bugs (flies) you often see near water according to some random web page I found.

    But I prefer to sit here and enjoy the image of swarms of little people running around biting people.

  2. Maybe they are the smaller cousins of the “Barely See-Ums” AKA those damn little ticks that I found no less than 6 of on me after Sundays work party.

  3. I like the “Biting Midgets” theory…… A picture would be worth a thousand “No-See-Ums”……

    Yeah, J.J., I stopped by there yesterday for just a few minutes and found three of those “seed ticks” on me….. You have to find them, too…… They are shower resistant and look like a pin-head sized brown spot with little-bitty legs….. Never seen them before this year….. I wish they would go back to wherever they came from…. urgh!……

  4. I found out about no-see-ums back in Maine. Little flying Nat things with a big bite, nasty bite worse than one of our mosquitoes. They like to get in your hair and attack you scalp.

    And I remember chiggers from the mid west. Little flea like things that burrow into the skin like a tick. They would collect around your waist. The home cure was to paint them with nail polish. In the summer you would see kids shirtless with red painted spots all over their stomaches.

  5. So, we’re going to say that the official technical name of these insects is “NO-See-Ums”?……. That’s pretty lame…… I like “Swarm of Mad, Mean Midgets”, or “Invisible Munchers”, or “Invis-O-Bugs”…… Any other ideas?……

  6. Yes!

  7. Actually they are large like a wasp but very fast. In fact they are near the speed of light fast. Also they are silent. So they come out of nowhere bite and/or sting you then leave so fast that you don’t see um.

  8. “No-see-ums” is another name for “almost eveyone I pull over.”

    Me: So, I pulled you over for doing mach 3 in a 45 mph zone. What were you thinking driving like that?

    NSU: No…see…umm…umm…

  9. I like “Invis-O-Bugs” the best of all.

  10. Izard,

    Isn’t it “didn’t-see-you-ums” ?

  11. I though it was Oops-C-Umm-Umm

  12. I think they are invisible chemical agents that the government created for “Mind Control” of our population. Where is FZ when we really need him? Frank & the Brain Police. Can you……..Imagine?

  13. Makes sense, the insect repellent is a chemical….. Why not the “No-See-Ums?……. As Devo says, “We are in Control”…..

  14. Are we not men? Sorry ladies.

  15. So “No-See-Ums” is a derivative of agent orange?

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