Music Trivia 09.24.07

As promised this week Styx.

1.They formed in Chicago in 1961 as ?
2.What was their only #1 Hit?
3.Who was Kilroy?
4.What Beatles song did they perform at Eric Clapton’s 1st Crossroads Festival?
5.Which song of theirs did Tipper Gore Blast during her BS Tyrades?
6.The Paradise Theatre is based on a real place T-F
7.Why did they choose the name Styx?
8.George Lucas said this song is the basis for the “Audio Signature”called “Deep Note” for his THX process. The Crescendo that is heard at the beginning of LucasFilm Movies.
9.What Member left to form this “Super Group”

11 Responses to “Music Trivia 09.24.07”

  1. This may doom what little “cool” credibility I have.

    2. It’s gotta be “Babe” (gagpuke)
    3. DeYoung’s underground rock star in the future when rawk music was outlawed.
    7. I assume it’s an allusion to the River Styx in Greek mythology that separates the earth and Hades.
    9. Tommy Shaw: Damn Yankees

    Ugh, gotta go take a shower now.

  2. #2 correct, #3 I’m gonna give you the point, all I was looking for was Dennis DeYoung’s name, #7 That is the meaning for the word “Styx” but there is a reason they used that word., #9 #9 #9 (sorry) Correct also starring, Jack Blades from Night Ranger, and one of the top supporters of the NRA Ted Nugent. 3 points to you. Also check out the new Shaw/Blades album “Influence” Good Music.

  3. I just went back and parused over old posts from the annals of MR Central, and have came up with some good topics for some quizzes for the upcoming quarter. And as for the newer guys, I have read your comments bout older music and you know more bout older groups than you have let on. So look forward to quizzes bout the classics this time around. Till then come on guys there are 6 Styx answers (points) up for grabs.

  4. Well J. let’s test your resent music knowledge how many maniacs are there?

  5. 10.000 Robo.

  6. Good one J. If I hang around Debra long enough I’ll become cultured.

  7. It’s about time you get some culture. I hope thats going good, Miss seeing you on the weekends. Good luck to you both.

  8. Last Chance, the answers go up tomorrow, and the points go down.

  9. OK: I’m gonna give Huskysooner 8 points this week(3 from the quiz) and 5 just for being the only one of you to actually make some guesses. 1 point to lsdrobo for the 10,000 maniacs question. and the rest of you….. well….., The quiz next week will be a “BIG ONE” and determine the 2nd place for the quarter(Since RtG donated his prize back to the fund I’ll award it to the 2nd place.)
    The Answers:

    1. The Tradewinds
    3.Dennis DeYoungHuskysooner
    4.I am the Walrus
    6.True Opened in 1928-Closed 1956- Demolished 1958
    7.Accroding to Dennis DeYoung “It was the only name they didnt hate.
    8.73’s Krakatoa
    Tommy Shaw Left to form Damn Yankees.

    See Ya Tomorrow.

  10. By the way HS: you have plenty of “Cool” Cred left with me. Which combined with $1.25 will get you a cuppa at a “cheap” place.

  11. Kewl!

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