Unemployment Update……………

If anyone cares
.Well Friends It’s been a few weeks and this experiment has gone horribly wrong.
As you all know I quit a Perfectly huh! good job 3 weeks ago to pursue local employment, 1st I went to work for a company that completely misrepresented the job. After 2 days of grueling physical work that I found out that I’m not able to do anymore I quit.
I then found a company that needed some mechanic work done, did that for a few days, after the money ran out to buy parts I could not do that. So now I’m filling out applications like crazy getting Carpel Tunnel and not hearing anything.
Looks like if I don’t hear anything by Monday the 24th I’m back on the road. I’m really starting to DISLIKE Oklahoma very much. Where are all those jobs that Keating promised when he and his ilk shoved “Right To Work” Down our throats a few years ago? And listening to all theTalking Heads on the news, we are supposed to have more new jobs than the national average!!…..BS Yeah we have some new jobs, If you want or can afford to work for $6.00 Pr Hr. So here we sit, Flat Broke, Waiting for a check that was supposed to be sent out on Tuesday, Waiting for a call that may never come. and having a particularly Loverly Day.
I think I’ll go back to bed, at least it don’t cost nuthin’.

11 Responses to “Unemployment Update……………”

  1. Update, Update
    At least the Check just showed up
    Still NO JOB Still Pissed

  2. “Right to Work”? All the Wobblies in Washington send their heart felt sympathy to you and other working stiffs.

  3. Hey Anon: Is Washington A “Right to Work” State?

  4. NO WAY! We have been described as the “Left Coast” out here,,,a tradition of unions and the IWW. I don’t understand how any one can get conned into “Right to Work”. That’s like believing in “Trickle Down”. All theory and proven not to work.

  5. I’ll tell you how. You take a bunch of low paid, lower educated, Okies.
    Mix in a deep fear of unions, (People who had been told for years that unions were only fronts for the mob) and put before this population one of the most massive privately funded propaganda machines that the world has ever seen since Goebbels. telling all these persons that if the unions are broken they will each be getting an immediate pay raise, and many many large corporations will relocate to Oklahoma bringing with them many high paying jobs. At least that’s what happened here. I was in the UAW at this time and campaigned against RTW but we just couldn’t beat the propaganda.

  6. And I guess all the predictions came true. Fat city for everyone. As it terns out the large corporations are chasing cheap labor to China. It’s a race to the bottom.

  7. …..And, we, as consumers are the “Big Winners”…… We get Lead -based toys for our children, but, luckily, we don’t have a job to go to in order to buy them….. “Goin’ Down” at the speed of commerce….

  8. …..This just In…… The Mrs. Just got let go from her at the state. Looks like I’m back on the road. I guess once a driver, forever a driver.

  9. J. hope things start to look up. Guess they can’t get much worse.
    We just laid off the summer help out at work 2 weeks early.

  10. I go back on the road Monday the 1st. At least the money will be better. I’ll just have to work around the pasture when I can.

  11. J. hope things start to look up. Guess they can’t get much worse.

    Anyone wanna buy a worn out 1984 Chevy Conversion Van with a blown head gasket? Suitable for a storage shed. The bidding starts at $25.00

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