MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Space Race

Since Anon has “brokenfingeritis”, He’s stupidly given me permission to to De-Evolve our Communities intelligence while he recovers….. Ya get Nada points added to his quiz totals, but, I’ll come up with something entirely worth not having for the overall winner who obtains the most +’s or -‘s for the next six weeks or so of Anon’s alleged recovery…..

Name the first three “Chimponauts” in NASA‘s emerging Space Program of the early ’60’s…… …..And, no, it wasn’t Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon or was it?…..

23 Responses to “MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Space Race”

  1. Ha! I know this one just because you live near 3 streets named after them, or so you’ve always said. 😛

    I’ll let someone else go for it first. It’s as easy as ABC.

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    It’s not quite as simple as ABC. The first chimpanzee in space was named Ham. He was the first to ride in a Mercury capsule in 1961. Able, a rhesus monkey, and Baker, a squirrel monkey, were launched on a sub-orbital flight in 1959. I don’t know about Charlie. The first animal put in space by the U.S. was a squirrel monkey named Gordo ( no relation to Gordon Cooper ) on December 13, 1958. The first animal launched into space by humans was a Russian pooch named Laika. Poor Laika’s mission wasn’t a round trip. She orbited the Earth for seven days before running out of oxygen.

  3. #3 by Randalf the Grey

    I should have said–no relation to Gordon Cooper EXCEPT in evolutionary terms.

  4. Oh, did I forget to mention that the “correct” answers come from my personal memory….. I don’t need no stinkin’ books…… As a hint, I didn’t say they were first to go into space…… RtG, you do have two of the three correct, and it is an “ABC” thingy….. Of course, I could be totally wrong…… I guess I should have called them “Monkeynauts”…… RtG gets two (2) +’s and one (1) – so far…. I told you this was a “Devo”-type quiz….. Even the questions de-evolve….. Anon better get well soon or we’ll all be looking at cave drawings before long……

  5. Going off Jek’s answer (and a little help from Rtg), I know there is a Chester street there in Spencer between Able, Baker and Shady Nook. So I’ll go with Chester.

  6. According to “MR’s Big Book of Fuzzy Memories” there is a housing addition in Spencer, OK that was built in the late ’50’s/early ’60’s and the first three streets were named after the “Monkeynauts” – Able, Baker, and Chester…… So, Izard picks up one (1) + and an extra one (1) + for using Jek’s and RtG’s answers to his advantage…. Just to be fair, I’m going to give RtG an extra (2) +’s for his detailed answer including the fate of poor Liaka( which is probably more right than mine, but this is my quiz, so we go by my answers)……. Confusing and De-Evolving, isn’t it?…… Oh, yeah, Jek should get at least one (1) + for not getting involved…..

  7. Here’s a link to NASA which gives a brief history of animals in Space, and even though Chester’s not mentioned, I stick by my stupidity……

  8. sounds educatioal to me.

    does anyone understand point system ?

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    ARE WE NOT MEN … ?

    Sorry to hear about the busted digit(s), anon. There should be an interesting story behind that.

  10. You’re not supposed to understand the point system, Anon, but, it’s easy, maybe…… a + is positive and a is negative….. A little addition and subtraction and whomever is most positive may (?) be the winner….. As far as how many of each for any answer and whether they are + or is all computed on an old Commodore 64…… Next week it gets harder because the points system goes binary…… You get 1‘s and 0‘s for answers…… Combining the points systems is a highly guarded secret…… Anon, you better get your digit(s) repaired quick!…….

  11. There’s a system?

  12. Yes, there is a system……. Most of it requires schedule 40 PVC to handle the flow, and, it might impact the drinking water, but, there is a specific system I have devised to obtain complete de-evolutionary pointlessness…….

  13. rtg,
    the story goes something like this…..west nile virus…..miqutoe…..broken bifocals…..missed step….. twice….stupid old guy……ow!

    but lucky not fretting hand.

  14. MR where does the “Trash 80” come into play in the scoring computation equpitment chain?, Speaking of streets in Spencer, I heard you guys had some excitement in front of Troy’s house the other day. You know between the cops and Tony, I’d be moving if I was him. I guess once every 30 years ain’t so bad.

  15. Thought I got rid of all of the 64 stuff, didn’t you?….. Robo wrote a highly complex program just for my stint as Quiz-master…….. Highly secret to those of you who participate…… You’ll just have to come by and hear the story of the latest crash……. Robo and I predicted it would happen an hour and a half before it did, we just didn’t predict it’s exact location…… You actually remember Tony Killing my ’63 Plymouth, a Power pole, and part of P.L.’s house?….. Now, you’re telling your age!…….

  16. Yeah I thought I had it all, although you could be using the 128 on the 64 side. I thought it was part of Troy’s house?

  17. #17 by MRambler

    Nope, He was trying to turn into P.L.’s driveway after all the bars had closed for the night…… Of course, being super drunk, he wasn’t hurt…… Drunks, you can’t hurt ’em – makes some think it Godly to drink (Brother Dave Gardner)……

  18. …sticking to the original topic: I’m suspicious that there was a Chester at all. I can’t find any reference to him. Maybe someone should go to the Spencer archives and dig out the newspaper article. Hint, MR, Hint.

  19. #19 by MRambler

    I’m going to run a check myself, but I stick by what I said in comment #7……..

  20. #20 by Randalf the Grey

    I’m just guessing here, but I’m guessing that there WAS a Chester (and probably a Delbert and a Frank) in the “monkeynaut” class of 58-59. I have no idea why Gordo was picked to go up first.

  21. #21 by Randalf the Grey

    Maybe Gordo drew the short straw.

  22. #22 by MRambler

    I think that was the short “Banana”…… I’m still gonna research some more just to see if I can document it since Jek is so insistent….

  23. …and here — where’s my Chester proof?

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