Music Trivia 06.30.07

Damn, I miss 1 week and the inmates take over the asylum. BTW to my fellow quiz master Anon Get well soon.
I’m going to give you the birth name of these artists, give me their stage name and the name of their respective bands also what position they hold (ie: instrument/vocal) +1 point for each correct answer (ie:+1 name,+1 band, +1 Pos.)For a possible +18 for all if you sweep.
Vincent Damon Furnier
Gary Lee Weinrib
Saul Hudson
David Evans
Michael Balzary
Thomas Bass
1 person can wrap it all up or everybody can get some of this one. Ok…..Wait for it!!!!……And their OFF!!!!!!

11 Responses to “Music Trivia 06.30.07”

  1. I do know the first one….. Easy – Wheezy….. Vincent Damon Furnier is none other than Alice Cooper of the band Alice Cooper and was Lead Make-up (vocalist)……. The rest I admit I don’t know……

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    Gary Lee Weinrib = Geddy Lee

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    Sorry, I forgot the rest of the response!

    Bass, vocals, synths/keyboards/sequences/pedals, a few lyrics.

  4. Just checkin’ Looks like you are gonna share the love on this one

  5. #5 by Randalf the Grey

    David Evans is The Edge, guitarist for U2.

    Shouldn’t Gordon Sumner have been part of this quiz ? Or is that one too easy.

  6. #6 by Randalf the Grey

    Isn’t Saul Hudson top-hatted guitarst Slash of Guns & Roses, Velvet Revolver and VW commercial fame ?

  7. Looks as if some hints may be in order, J., especially for me!….. RtG, I guess I’m at the bottom of the scale with these aliases because I have no idea who Gordon Sumner is…. I would guess “Sting”?….. Now, Robert Zimmerman, that’s easy……..

  8. No hints till Fri Eve. You are correct sir Gordo is Mr. Sting (From Fz’s Broadway the Hard Way) and RtG, That one slipped thru the colander that is my mind, And I thought was over simple till I saw MR’s answer. I was going for 1 of each position that would make up a functioning band, not necessarily a good one. BTW MR: Thanks for taking my next weeks quiz. That was to be the answer to it (Nanuk Rubs it/ St. Alphonso’s).

  9. You should know by now, J.J., I can read your mind……. Ugly, very Ugly…… Just kidding (but true)……

  10. Sorry I just hit the house, 2 hints for the remaining 2. Michael Balzary, Thomas Bass. 1 is a drummer 1 is a insect/Parasite. I know, I know 1 in the same.

  11. Hello is anybody out there? The answers as followes: Vincent Damon Furnier: Alice Cooper-Alice Cooper-Vocals
    Gary Lee Weinrib: Geddy Lee- Rush- Vocals/Keyboards
    Saul Hudson: “Slash” – Guns&Roses/Velvet Revolver – Guitar
    David Evans: “The Edge” – U2 – Guitar
    Michael Balzary: “Flea” – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Bass
    Thomas Bass: Tommy Lee – Drums – Motley Crue
    3 points to MR
    3 points to Huskysooner
    6 points to Randalf the Grey

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