Music Trivia 06.17.07

Their hits include, See how the good times roll, Ouch, and Hold my hand.
2Extra points. What is their Nickname? 4 More points Name all the members

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  1. Just a random guess…………The Rutles (Eric Idle). The rules don’t allow for research, correct?

  2. Sunn beat me to it!……. It is “The Rutles”….. On the names, do you want their movie/tribute names or their real names, or both?…… I thought we were only limited to not using “Google”, although, I usually only answer with what is in my head (I know, not much at times – Ha!)……

  3. It just came to me!…. Sometimes it takes awhile….. They were known as “The Pre-Fab Four”…… I’ll have to think on the band members names…..

  4. Dirk, Stig, Nasty, and Barry.

  5. 4 points to Sunn, 2 to MR, 4 to Jek. another 4 up for grabs for the actors names, 4 more for the relationship of which 2 of them to which Beatle.
    Don’t you love it when I sneak more stuff in on you. MR: You are correct No Google, Ask, or other IT search engine, Just like anon’s rules the answers are to be came up with by good old fashoned knoweledge and possibable digging out some old vinyl/Magnetic media.

  6. #6 by Randalf the Grey

    Neil Innes, who wrote most of the songs, played Ron Nasty, the “John” character. Eric Idle played Dirk McQuickly, the “Paul” character. I don’t remember the other actors names, but Stig was “George”, and Barry was “Ringo”.

  7. RTG is on the right track but I need all 4, Time to dig out the movie “All you need is cash” and look at the credits. A hint to the second extra credit, the two naqmed had a close relationship with one of the Beatles, he also was in the aforementioned movie.

  8. That would be George Harrisong and his “Handmade” films company and his relationship with “Monty Python” of which Idle and Innes were a big part of…… ……and I’m digging out the movie right now………

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    MR is going to mess around and get some points, which, for him, means negative points…I think.

  10. Oh, crap!, I forgot about those nagging positive points!……. OK, I now know the real names of the other two, but, you’re not going to get it out of me unless I’m guaranteed some negative points!…….

  11. 4 more to MR + 2 neg for not getting the movie out when I first posted the stupid thing. I’ll give you till Sat Eve for all the names or 2 more neg for yanking my chain. BTW does anybody remember the origional airing of the movie on NBC and can tell me what sound clip in what scene that didn’t make it into the video release? (no Points) Not you MR, I know you know, I think us 2 are the only ones that remember it Thats 2 more neg for you just for that. 1 point to anyone that can tell me the name of Dirk McQuickly’s band after the Rutles. MR, Has it came out on DVD yet? 2 more neg’s if you have been holding out on me. Yes this is the question that keeps on going and going and going……………………………….

  12. Ok Kids here’s the final on this one. Neil Innes (Ron Nasty), Eric Idle (Dirk McQuickly), Rikki Fataar (Stig O’Hara), John Halsey (Barry Wom). The Link I was looking for was George Harrison Financed and co produced Monty Python’s “Life of Bryan” Monty Python being where Eric and Neil came from. George also performed the Lumberjack song live with the guys in ’75 in NYC. The scene I was referring to was in the original broadcast March 22 1978, In the scene where Dan Acyroyd plays the producer that turns down The Rutles Eric Idle says at the end of the interview “So how does it feel to be such an Asshole” as it cuts to the next scene you hear a Gunshot, Inferring that he killed him self. When MR bought the Video Release(Which BTW is where my copy originates from) the gunshot is not there. Artistic censorship at it’s finest. Anyway a great film and the precursor to all the Beatles documentaries for years to come (Check out “The Compleat Beatles) It’s almost a carbon copy. Anyhoo here’s the final totals from this train wreck………………………………………………………………………….Sunn 4 points………MR 6 points…….Jek 4 points……RtG 2 points……MR -4 Neg Points.

  13. Oh yeah I forgot the name of the band that Dirk formed with his wife Bianca was “The Punk Floyd”

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