Paul McBuckney

Yep, you can only get Paulie’s new album at Starbucks on their label…… Remember that band called “The Beatles” and the infamous “I buried Paul” line, and if you played “Revolution 9” backwards, it says “Turn me on, Dead man”?…. Well, on one of the tracks of his new album, if you play it backwards near the bathroom window it says “I drink Latte” or so I’ve heard…….

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  1. I heard a track from aforementioned CD, It will be worth spending $3.98 for a Grande Regular coffee with an Extra Expresso Shot, Leave a little room for Half and Half and Sugar in the Raw. (Standard J.J. Order) and picking one up.

  2. If any does buy this, I’m interested in a review of some sort. I can’t imagine that his memory is really almost full. How silly. Maybe he means his memory stick.?

  3. TTop sent me a link to this ‘the Stranger’ article:

    Tolerance Almost Full

    Good article–I mostly agree with what he says and will probably buy the new album based on this paragraph from it:

    Let me start by saying that the album is not only almost good. It’s his best record since 1989. And though one expects McCartney records to be all syrupy sweetness (I don’t, but one does), Memory is legitimately bizarre. It’s angry and fun, and it takes chances with song structure, textures, and attitudes. It feels contemporary without being dressed up in fashionable sounds. And it’s affecting in ways his music rarely is, not because it’s tender, but because it’s not. The armor suits him when he screams on “That Was Me,” or when he rumbles low in “Mr. Bellamy.” It’s always there, even when he gives directions for his funeral on “The End of the End.” Two or three lesser numbers aside, this is good, vital music. And to think it’s being made by a 64-year-old man whose most important work is inarguably 40 years behind him is pretty goddamn impressive.

    P.S. Happy Birthday Paul!!

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