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I Chong…..

On my way to the Great Northwest, I ran across this at one of the newsstands in the Salt Lake City airport…… Tommy Chong has written a book of his life and times, including how he was targeted by our lovely government that resulted in him serving time…… The name of the book is “I […]


The place where a crime was committed……….

Music Trivia 06.03.07

Sorry I’m Late As you may have noticed the community was under mashall law for a while yesterday, and inaccessable. Series 2 begins now. This group while recording their 3rd album in 1994 lived in the home where the Manson Family committed the Tate murders in 1969.

Inspection Tour…..

Yes, I’m heading for the Great NorthWest this Wednesday for an inspection tour of Jektown, Anon point, and various other locations just to keep our community on its toes…… I expect to be treated as Royalty!….. Just Kidding…… If it wasn’t for Jek, we wouldn’t have this great place to converse, bitch, gripe, and just […]