MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Dog

Since it’s apparent that J.J. didn’t get a musical quiz up this week, and my first quiz has basically run it’s course, I’ll throw this musically based quiz in…… This has nothing to do with J.J.’s quiz’s or Anon’s quiz’s or the points and/or prizes they offer…… This one falls under MR’s domain and “I Am In Control” (Devo) until Anon’s repaired and J.J.’s back at his post…… We are on a downhill road to stupidity!……

Name any Musical Group, Song Title, or Song Lyrics that have “Dog” in them…… The more detailed the answer, the better……. I have one specific answer for each of the three categories…. Bonus binary points will be awarded for these answers…… Let’s see if we can take this around “Pluto” and back (a little pun there, eh?)…….

A SUPER (somewhat) Bonus if you can answer this one: In the UK, what album dislodged The Beatles’ Abbey Road album from it’s No. 1 with a bullet standing on the British music charts?…….

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  1. Let’s see…

    There’s Three Dog Night.

    No answer would be complete without a Floyd reference: Dogs off of Animals.

    And “It’s been a hard days night and I’ve been working like a dog.”

  2. In anticipation of the binary payout, here’s that answer in binary:


    (translation available at

  3. I’m going to leave the binary conversion Izard furnished us in full width mode for now…… That’s worth two (2) 1’s on it’s own and one (1) 0 for being a smart-ass……

    Izard does strike first – Three Dog Night is the “Group” answer I had in mind….. That gets him four (4) 1’s for his trouble……

    “Dogs” is a good answer, but, not the one I have in mind for the “Song Title”, so I’ll give him two (2) 1’s for that, and I’m amazed he even knew the words to “A Hard Days Night” and that also is a good answer, but, not the one I have in mind for the “Lyrics”……. Still, it’s worth at least two (2) more 1’s…… So-o-o, Izard jumps into the lead, but, there are a lot more “Dogs” out there…….. Mush them Huskies before Izard turns us all into cheap dog food……

  4. Hey Bulldog. (Beatles) Hair of the Dog. (Nazareth) “Mad dogs and Englishmen” Joe Cocker “My dog’s better than your dog” (Alpo commericial Jingle)

  5. and I thought that big sucking sound was the guvmint, I didn;t realise it wuz my IQ droppin’

  6. Welcome to the sink hole, J.J…… See, if you would have posted your quiz as usual, you wouldn’t be a quizzee!…… Of course, you can post an additional one if you want…… Better yet, just have a new one up this week-end, this is hard…… I didn’t realize there were so many “Dogs” in rock music….. Hey Bulldog – That’s worth two (2) 1’s, Hair of the Dog – another two (2) 1’s, Mad Dogs is a Group and an Album name – although it’s good, Izard already got the group so no points…… ….And Alpo gets you two (2) 0’s….. No big MR winners in there, J.J…… Keep diggin’ for that bone…..

  7. The earliest reference as far as the rock genre goes is probably “Walkin’the Dog” by Rufus Thomas.
    Also, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, had the song with the monologue with the old man talking about his singing dog “Teddy”. This may be the only rock song with a dog actually singing, accompanied by a harp.
    The earliest song I can remember (and I’m old) is “How much is that Doggie in the Window?”

  8. I don’t think I asked for the earliest “Dog” in the bunch, just the three specific “Dogs” I had as answers in my foggy mind for a Group, Song title, and Song lyrics…… I like all your answers Sunn, but , alas, none of them fit the Song title and Song lyric (NOT from the same Song title) I’m looking for, but, they’re cool and worth two (2) 1’s each….. Izard got the Group answer – still looking for the Title and Lyric answers….. Ya’ll barkin’ up the wrong tree, so far……

  9. For the Super Bonus. The order was as followes “From the big book of music trivia” 9/69 Blind Faith By Blind Faith, 9/69 Abbey Road By The Beatles, 11/69 Led Zepplin II By Led Zepplin, And finally the answer I think you were lookin’ fer 12/69 Our favorite Stones Album Let It Bleed. How bout Dat.

  10. For the lyric, “Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog. He said Ill fix your rack if you’ll take ol’ Jack my dog” From The Weight, The Band.

  11. For the Song Title, Hound Dog.

  12. How could we forget the “Bonzo Dog Band”.
    J.J. beat me to posting “Hound Dog” by Elvis the Pelvis.

  13. J.J. gets the Super Bonus Question with “Let It Bleed” by the Stones, although I don’t know how LZII got in there….. “Let It Bleed” replaced “Abbey Road” according to my info, but, you have the right answer, so you get eight (8) 1’s for it, But, you Goob, for posting YOUR music quiz a day early, on top of mine I might add, you also get Four (4) 0’s…. Ha!…… J.J., you’re really digging deep for the Lyric answer, but wrong-o….. HINT for everyone: It’s closer to the surface…… I’ll give you two (2) 1’s for Jack the Dog and one (1) 1’s for the obvious Hound Dog, which is wrong for the Song Title…… Sunn gets at least three (3) 1’s for remembering the classic Bonzo Dog Band, but remember the Group answer was Three Dog Night…… So we are still lookin’ for the Song Title and Song Lyric…… If no one has them by tomorrow, I give some more hints…..

  14. OK, here’s my doggy do.

    For Song Titles:
    Black Dog by LZ
    Dog One by Tony Levin Band
    Dogs of War by Floyd

    For Lyrics:
    I am the Walrus by The Beatles

    Yellow matter custard
    Dripping from a dead dog’s eye

    3 Legs by MPL

    A dog is here,
    A dog is there,
    My dog he got three legs
    But he can’t run.

  15. Wasnt that bonzo dog do da band?????

  16. The reason that I put this weeks up early. I refer you to post #460 Comment #4 the last line which I believe is from the Classic “Alice’s Restaurant” “Now Kid”

  17. #17 by MRambler

    Jek jumps in with the correct song title: “Dog One” by Tony Levin Band…… We worked on this one some last Thanksgiving in the Great NorthWest……. He also did a version of “Black Dog” on the same album, which I was going to give as a clue today, but now, there’s no need. So-o-o, Jek gets four (4) 1’s for D-1, two (2) 1’s each for Black dog and Dogs of War, and two (2) 1’s each for the John and Paul Lyrics, although they are not the one I’m looking for….. Me Thinks ye har tyin’ to dig-up me thoughts…… Wrong track- No Beatles (that’s a hint)……. I have one more hint, but I’m going to save it until those members in the GNW are up and awake….. It should give it all away…… Only one left – The Lyric answer…….

    ….And J.J., you are correct, sir…… So-o-o, I guess it is only fair to let you leave the “Group W’ bench” and remove the four (4) 0’s I charged you with earlier….. Happy Now?…….

  18. OK, everyone should be functional by now…… Jek, apparently unknowingly, gives a big hint for the Lyric answer in the first line of his comment #14 above…… Think about it……. I’ll give ya’ll ’til sundown, then I will declare the MR Community IQ at 0 if no one has the answer…….

    Should I give Jek one (1) 1 for giving the hint, or should I give him two (2) 0’s for not getting the answer from his own hint?…… Quiz-mastering is a tough business…..

    BTW, Anon, I don’t know if there’s a Do-Da in Bonzo Dog Band, But it sounds like it should be….. Someone check and if it is Bonzo Dog Do Da Band, I’ll Give Anon a couple (2) 1’s to help heal his broken digits……..

  19. #19 by MRambler

    ONE LAST HINT: (‘)

    I’ll post the answer tomorrow if no one gets it before then……..

  20. Ha, I know it! It’s a classic. I can’t believe it didn’t come to me before.

    Nanook Rubs It by FZ off of the afore mentioned hint, (‘) album.

    He took a dog-doo snow cone and stuffed it in my right eye
    He took a dog-doo snow cone and stuffed it in my other eye
    And the husky wee-wee
    I mean the doggie wee-wee
    Has blinded me
    And I cant see

    Nice one MR. Dog One is a little obscure, but I’ll issue you some music merits for the other two.

  21. #21 by MRambler

    …And Jek finishes out the Quiz with “Dog-doo Snow cone”…… He gets four (4) 1’s for it…… Since he did get the correct answer, I won’t zero him for missing his own big hint of “doggy do” in comment #14…….

    I’ll have totals up tomorrow for both the MR quiz’s before I post the next De-educational quiz, but, I will check with Anon first, he may have had a miracle recovery by now and want his quiz status back….. I see J.J. got his music quiz back up quick……

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