I have been thinking lately about all of the people that I know and call friends, you know the list is shrinking not growing as should happen as one gets older. You know they say that friends come and go, I used to not agree with that I thought that friends were forever. I am learning that TRUE friends are forever, acquaintances come and go. Some things have happened in the last 6 weeks to people that I know, some of these people are friends and some have become acquaintances,as I found earlier this year. As most of you know I have worked with a band for the last 10 years, this January I was relieved of my duties with said band because some of the people got their feelings hurt because of an incident at a gig. Instead of talking it over I was told that “it would be better if I did not come around for a while”. I had always considered those guys my friends and I thought friends could talk anything over, apparently I was wrong. The reason I bring this example up at this time is the Lead singer of said band was involved in a accident last Fri. Morning and took a innocent lady’s life because of being under the influence while behind the wheel. and you know I really do not feel any sorrow for him. I feel sorry for his family, the victims family, and the fans of the band. On the other hand. As many of you know I have known our esteemed leader Midnight Rambler for almost 20 years as well as Jek, Izzard, lsd and Booker, We have had some differences over the years and We kind of lost contact for some time in the ’90s but have renewed our friendships lately and are just as good of friends as ever. And as a result of knowing them I have met (By this blog and e-mails) the rest of you some of you I came to know by reputation and stories from MR and Jek,and I have enjoyed blogging with you and I am proud to consider all of you friends. We have had some spirited conversations on these boards over the last years, but still manage to remain friends. This just proves that friends can differ, argue and agree to differ and still remain friends. So to all of you I raise a glass in respect and welcome all of you to my world, Thank you all for participating in my trivia quizzes, and look forward to actually meeting those of you that I do not know personally. Thanks everyone. “Friends will stand up in court for you, True friends will help you bury the bodies”

4 Responses to “Friends”

  1. OK, what are we being “Buttered-Up” for, J.J.?….. Yeah, “Friends are Forever” – they just log-in and log-out sometimes, but, are there when you really need them…… And, NO, I haven’t forgot where the bodies are buried, so keep on butterin’……

  2. Is this the point where we have a big group hug then make grunting noises and talk about football?

    When you can meet someone in the street that you haven’t seen in over 10 years and pick up where you left off as if it had only been a couple days (ok, a long couple days), that says a lot. Even after all this time, some of the best stories I have involve the ‘old gang.’

    *grunt grunt* When’s kickoff?

  3. No buttering, I was just feeling a little introspective. Ok Ok let go of my neck, you know if the cowboys get their……………. Besides it was time I contributed something more than just music quizzes.

  4. A “sensitive” Truck Driver, who would have thought….. Just watch those “Feelings” when you’re doin’ about 80 mph on any interstate….. I’ve seen drifting trucks before!……

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