Waco: What is in the past is present. Part 1.

To some of you this subject may be a little bit outdated, and you may well say that “It is in the past and just leave it there“. Well as many of you know this April 19th 2015 was the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. And one of the chief reasons for committing that act the Bomber Timothy McVey said was “the Governments handling of the Branch Davidian Standoff In Waco, TX. from Feb 28 to April 19 1993“.
With that as my justification I have began an extensive research on the whole Big Picture surrounding that event and what brought us up to the Tragic events of April 19 1993.
I think I will do this as a multi part article to keep it abbreviated to you the reader and so as I learn facts I can impart them to you. Also I know MR likes us to keep things short. That being said:


The Branch Davidian Sect was (and still is today) an off shoot of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and it’s doctrine. That “The world is in it’s end times and the coming Apocalypse mentioned in the book of Revelation is at hand at any given time“. The Church has had several “Last Days” type of meetings that have come to be known as ” The Great Disappointments” Some as recent as in the late 50’s.

In 1937 a Hungarian Immigrant Victor Houteff who was disillusioned by the Adventist teachings and it’s treatment of him at their medical Facilities in Loma Linda, CA. Started a sect called “The Shepard’s Rod” and moved his followers to Waco, TX. As a Weigh Stop until they could gather in Israel to await the “Second Coming Of Jesus Christ
There they founded and built a little community with schools, hospitals, and industries. They mainly kept to them selves interacting with the local residents little.

Around this time they started calling them selves the Davidians after King David referred to in the scriptures. During the 2nd world war they Founded the Davidian Seventh Day Adventist Association in order to be eligible for members to be able to be assigned to Non Combat roles during the war.

As the city of Waco grew they were forced to sell off their lands and buildings to developers and the Main part of their compound was later Flooded to become Lake Waco. In the early 50’s they purchased a 77 acre tract of land 10 miles NE of Waco near the little hamlet of Elk, TX. to relocate and await their immigration to the Holy Land/Israel. That property became Infamous on Feb 28, 1993 and for the 51 days that followed we saw it every day on the News. What some in the media began calling “Ranch Apocalypse

In 1955 Houteff Died and after his widow and the Executive committee predicted that the end would come later that year gathered the Faithful at what they called Mt. Carmel Center to await the return of Jesus. After midnight came and went and they were still there ( No Rapture, Go Figure!) They decided to disband the group and turn over it’s assets to a receiver to be distributed back to the followers in a series of cash reimbursements.
Next: Part 2′ The Branch.

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Made it to 50. Guess I’ll stick around to see what the next 50 holds in store.

Didn’t he play the banjo or something?

Sadly, we lost B. B. King on Thursday night. Died in his sleep, age 89, taking a huge chunk of musical talent to the other side. Bet there is a epic jam session in heaven about now. Learned a lot of random facts about him from obits, I had no idea he was a certified pilot, flying himself to a lot of gigs until the mid ’90s. He was disappointed he didn’t serve in WWII; he¬†was saved from full national service because he worked as a cotton picker in Mississippi at a time when plantation owners cut a deal with draft officials to keep their employees in the fields (He *was* inducted, but discharged after basic training). I knew he had a lot of kids, but they’re reporting something like 15 kids and 50 grandkids. Unfortunately, there’s gonna be a whole lot of lawyers scrambling this week.


I did find an invitation for everyone to see B. B. at his new permanent venue, he even left us directions….



Validation for comedy, or degradation of science?

Saw this the other day, and it made me feel a little guilty that someone confined to a chair appears to get more done than I do. Great validation for classic humor, and a fusion of true geniuses in totally unrelated fields.


Dropping like flies…

Percy Sledge left us Tuesday, at 74 due to liver cancer.¬† Left behind a dozen kids, so he must’ve had a busy life.

At this point I think we just need a general obit post, it’s getting hard to keep up.

(At last look, Abe Vigoda’s still hanging in there….)



Stumbled across this and have no idea what establishment it’s at, but well done, sirs!


And on a related note, after years of speculation, the truth comes out….



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Looks like Tokyo just got a great theme hotel. What’s better than an overnight stay in Tokyo and seeing this from the window?




Fittingly built at the old Toho Shinjuku Theater Building, they stuck a life-sized head 17 stories up, and the hotel sports a few View Rooms for about $125/night, and a special Godzilla-themed suite for around $330/night.


Is it racist that I’d dearly love to visit, just so I can run out in the street in a baseball cap and glasses, point up and scream “Godzirra!!!!”?

Apologies for the music, but here’s a vid with the inside of the hotel….

I think it’s great when corporate development and municipal zoning embraces the lighter side of things!


Lost another one….

Bob Burns, original drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd wrecked his car Friday night in Georgia, hit a mailbox and a tree and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Gone at 64. He left after the group’s first 2 albums, but rejoined the survivors on stage for the 2006 Hall of Fame induction.

Hopefully it wasn’t another “oak tree you’re in my way” scenario, the accident is still under investigation.



Tia Space Program

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Tai Space Program

https://youtube.com/embed/pD yQZ4iNjY?rel=O

Leonard Nimoy

I was really sad to hear this and have enjoyed many of the internet memes/tributes.

Chris Rainbow, APP vocalist for some of their best songs, also dies this past week.

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Yep, PD Bob was running and jumping all over the house way too early this morning….. ¬†It took a few minutes to figure out what the Heck was wrong with him…. ¬†Then it stuck me – it’s GROUNDHOG DAY…… ¬†We just finished watching the DVD¬†(and all the extras) of the movie starring Bill Murray…… ¬†I guess it had been a year since I last watched it….. ¬†There were some parts in it that seems funnier than before….. ¬†Weird….. ¬†Anyway, ¬†PD Bob hereby Ordered me to ORDER everyone to watch the movie,even if you have to go out and BUY it!….. ¬†I wouldn’t ignore it too much – That little FurBot seems to know everything that goes on!……

Those Seagulls

What can I say about the Seagulls that hasn’t already been said. Now it’s on to beat those egg sucking Communists. I hope unbelievers saw last weeks game. What, did someone say something?