Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving all you that are left.(Only the Strong Survive) Hope you are all well and surrounded with family and friends, food, football, and all that makes life worthwhile.

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  1. ….nah, that’s for the suckers. Spending my day getting my camping gear and planning my shopping schedule for maximum savings on my Black Friday shopping. Missed out last year on a $4 sweet-potato pancake maker by not being prepared. (In a moment of weakness, I refrained from punching a 85 year old lady in the throat over the last one, and that split-second hesitation allowed her to bear mace me and make it to the register. Can you imagine the regret? I could’ve been waking up early all year and had fresh sweet-potato pancakes every morning!) Never again, my friends!

    But seriously, have a good holiday, guys! Weather’s gonna be all kinds of fun this weekend, so spend it with family and friends rather than giving in to the pre-Christmas hullabaloo, and give thanks for what ya got. Remember, if you’ve got clean drinking water, food on the table, and an unleaky roof over ya, you’re already ahead of 30% of the people on earth.

    Now go stuff yourselves! 😉

  2. I hope everybody had a nice weekend!

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