Tia Space Program

https:www//youtube.com/embed/pD yQZ4iNjY?rel=O

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  1. My lack of computer skills and my recent eye surgery makes it a pain in the ass for you to get to this link. But its worth all the typing, really, especially if you like fireworks.

  2. Couldn’t get the links to work, but searched on Youtube and found a plethora of cool things to watch. Sadly, I’m sure that this festival will soon be construed by our government as an obvious foray into ballistic missile technology and chemical weapons research (I mean, did you see all that smoke? Terrorism is scary…. plus I think there’s muslims in Thailand.) US forces should hit the ground sometime next week, and Homeland Security presence will be increased once taxes can be adjusted. (It will be easier to protect you once you can’t afford to leave your residence and go out anywhere.)

    Still, brings great memories of 4th O’ July Bashes past, and I used to do a lot of Estes model rocketry back in the day. I’d like to find some information on how high they got some of those contraptions to go, it looked a lot higher than I expected, and some of those appeared to be 20′ in diameter.

    Sad that I can’t even fire off a bottlerocket in my yard anymore. =/

  3. Glad someone found it. Truly masters of fireworks and straight up bravery. I went back looking for it and found it with title “third world space program?” Where did you find it on Youtube???

  4. OK, found it on Youtube…..”3rd world space program”

    Also…………”failure to launch 3rd world space program”…..Which, although a failure, is impressive and shows what I meant about bravery. And we shoot off bop bottle rockets….small potatoes.

  5. “Thai rocket festival” brings up many results, this one’s about 12 min long and has some great launches and spectacular failures…..


  6. GREAT!

    Apparently some kind of contest using the same kind of saucer rocket thing……with prizes for highest and most destructive.

    Looks like a good delivery system for Amazon.

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