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I gotta rant somemore. I love this blog, I know that I don’t post as much as I should as we all don’t. But I’m thankful that we have this platform to post our ideas thoughts and current happenings. I visit many other blogs that are attached to many of my favorite causes and I find that they give their authors and readership a place to convey differing points of view, concerns, or alternatives to the stated facts of certain events in the history of our great country. I hope that you all take away from our efforts a new understanding of our world, and I like hearing your ideas and takes on the subjects that we write about. Seems like the social media sites ie:Facebook etc don’t give the reader a very large platform to expound on their ideas the way that a Blog does. So I hope that you still appreciate this forum the way that I do.
Now to quote Miss Emily Lattella Former SNL weekend update commentator: “Never Mind”

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  1. Yeah, yeah, I don’t swing by here as much as I used to, I get it. (Come to think of it, I don’t even nag MR as much as I used to either. “Dude… check your blog!”)

    I guess lately I have matured (i.e. gotten old) because as I watch a lot of our wonderful world turn to crap in totally unexpected ways, it wears on me enough at the end of the day that I don’t even see the point in discussing it. But maybe I should step up to the plate more often, just heard that Social Security’s probably not gonna get a boost next year (due to low gas prices or some other meaningless metric), so perhaps our current curmudgeons are slacking and not earning a raise?

    Closing with a quote I heard today from another SNL great, Bill Murray:

    “A few decades ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please don’t let Kevin Bacon die.”

  2. All valid points. And the Bill Murray quote, Classic. It just seems that sometimes we go thru a bit of a Lull where our membership goes away for a time. I know that people have lives and things to do but, Remember That’s just what the establishment wants to happen so they can slip the BS past us without us noticing. That’s why platforms like this blog need to be read and studied daily because we that are paying attention can hold those accountable that hope that the public is not.

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