Who says spirituality is boring?

Was referred to this by my good friend and co-worker Rahman, a Sunni muslim from Bangladesh. At first I thought it was going to be something serious or critical of the West, but then I listened to the whole thing and it turned my initial assumptions on their head. I have a cousin in New Mexico that is about MR’s age, and leans towards the alienating type of bible-thumping. She’s certain of the FOX news assertion that Muslims are all part of the vast conspiracy to usurp the Constitution and make Sharia law the rule of America, and one day even our ‘friends’ will mindlessly slaughter the rest of us in our sleep. (Much like the fears that the Vatican was going to somehow take over the reins of America if a certain Catholic was ever elected president in 1960.)  The speaker is an Indian mystic named Chandra Mohan Jain (also known as Rajnessh or Osho), and as with many ‘spiritual leaders’ of any faith, he was not without his controversies. There’s no doubting his charisma and sense of humor though, and as our world seems to have shrunk and cultures collide with greater frequency, I can’t help but think that the world might run a little smoother if we all took a step back from our extremes and prejudices and gave the courtesy to others to hear their views, and we might all find something to share a laugh over. And isn’t that the best medicine?

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  1. Spirituality is Definitely NOT Boring. As I have stated before, Don’t believe the Mainstream Media. If they say that the Sky is Blue and that there’s Air outside, Verify it for yourself. That is partly what the nexus of my research into the events in Feb-Apr 1993 are about. How the Media and the Government are targeting “Different Faiths” Just because something that the Establishment doesn’t call “Christianity” does that mean that is not a viable “Faith”. The 1st amendment says that The Government shall not place one religion above another or endorse any religion as an “official” religion of our country. It does not mean that if a religion is considered Unorthodox, that it is not a true Religion.

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