Waco: Part 2

Why? because one needs to know the history of the sect to understand why the events of Feb.-Apr. 1993 happened and why.

[Sorry MR this one is a little longer because there is a lot of info that’s relevant]

In Early 1955 a Oilfield worker and Seventh Day Adventist from Odessa, TX. Named Benjamin Roden while working on his old Chevy one day had a vision wherein he was told that he was to be “The Branch” referred to in scriptures, and he was to go to Waco and Lead his people to the promised land.

In Oct.1955 Ben and his wife Lois came to Mt. Carmel Center in Waco with their son George and Daughter and a new follower, a young man named Perry Jones, a person who would play a key role in later events.

April 22 1959 was the date Florence Houteff the widow of founder Victor Houteff and it’s leader after his passing in Feb of ’55 declared that the “Day of Judgement” would happen. Needless to say it came and went without a Rapture.

After this day that came to be known as the “Second great Disappointment” the Group all but Disbanded. During this time the DSDA and the SDA were in talks to gain official recognition of the group, as these talks broke down the executive board of the Davidian Seventh Day Adventist group voted to dissolve the organization and return all moneys held by the church to it’s membership.

In 1962 the Rodens returned to Waco, Laid claim to the 77 acres near the town of Elk, and attempted to seize the bank accounts of the now defunct group.

Oh yeah I almost forgot during all of this a profound thing happened on Aug 17, 1959. One Vernon Wayne Howell was born.

Not much is known about the group that came to be known as the Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist Association during the mid to late ’60s except the Rodens made several trips to Israel to try to get the government to allow the group to immigrate so that when the Prophesy was fulfilled ( This time For real, No Really this time) they would be in the holy land. And during one of the trips that lasted 3 years Lois Roden was by herself in Israel, apparently Ben got a little lonely back in Waco and tried to molest his own Daughter.

During the ’70s things were just progressing along as things tend to do, The group having been refused permission to immigrate, continued to Farm, Worship, and live a Spartan but peaceable life at Mt. Carmel until 1977 when while studying at 2am Lois Had a Vision that convinced her that The Holy Spirit ( you know the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit) was feminine. Talk about your revelations!

After announcing this to the SDA world, they finally were convinced that the BDSDA were Blasphemous and “Cookoo For Coco Puffs” and convinced all their churches to sever any and all ties to the group and it’s leadership and membership. All Members were “Dis Fellow shipped by their origional SDA Congregations, and they were not allowed to attend the National Conferences of SDA’s.

Oct 22 1978 Ben Roden then 76 died. Lois was considered then to be the new leader and “Prophet” as no rite of succession was ever written down just like after the death of Houteff in ’55. Lois continued to lead the group. In 1979 George who had believed that he was being groomed to be the leader of the group from birth demanded that a vote was held to prove his rightful place as the next Messiah of Waco, Which ended up in a court battle, that never was really resolved to either sides advantage.

While this was going on his mother Lois and a small group was on a world wide “Barnstorming” tour spreading the Feminine Holy message even hounding the Pope during a world tour in 1980 where her message was less than warmly received. During this time a small Australian contingent had joined the group including a young man Clive Doyle (another key in future events) and his elderly mother.

Next, Part 3: Poor George.

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