Glad to know I’m not alone when I notice nonsensical assertions….

One thing I really hate is when the news ‘reports’ on something that instantly sets off my B.S. meter, and I appear to not only be among the few people that notice something awry, but am actually labelled ‘sexist’, ‘insensitive’, or ‘difficult’ for calling the conclusions into question. Latest example, the perceived ‘wage gap’ between men and women. Fortunately, a guy named Maddox decided to put a lot more effort into answering my concerns than my lazy ass was willing to.


(If you didn’t already know, Maddox is a long-time blogger that runs The Best Page In The Universe as well as his own YouTube channel. I came across it in ’99, and it is highly recommended reading!)


3 Responses to “Glad to know I’m not alone when I notice nonsensical assertions….”

  1. Can’t argue with Statistics. But remember that those studies reported in the “Press” are slanted toward what ever the CEOs of the media companies wish them to be. And about polls in 1943 the radio entertainer and host Fred Allen commented that “Using Polls to document what is happening on a given topic is trying to figure out the wheat crop futures by counting the number of seeds on a Roll”

  2. That blog is hilarious (and no, I didn’t know about it!).

  3. Hignose, If this popps up in your E-Mail Please Contact Me or MR 12-24-16

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