Wow, this is handy…..

….Especially when you’ve impulsively decided to learn to play guitar, borrow an acoustic from MRambler, and pretty much completely fuck the tuning beyond help within 20 minutes of fiddling with it and don’t want to tell him.


Now, how do I explain that the first lesson I learned was a Who song and I probably should not have been trying to play along by mirroring Pete on a concert DVD…. Anyone know a good way to remove splinters? I got him a Gibson Les Paul Sunburst Flame Top as a replacement……

IMAG0533 IMAG0534

(How’s MR’s eyesight lately? Maybe I can tell him it’s just really far away?) Ah yes, the memory…. I can leave it in his dishwasher! And chastise him later! 🙂



3 Responses to “Wow, this is handy…..”

  1. #1 by huskysooner

    Wow, and I thought I had trouble playing a full-scale guitar with my big hands.

  2. Ok… Let me get this straight,,,, 1st you borrowed an accoustic and now have it so outta tune that even Neil Young’s expert guitar Tech Larry Cragg couldn’t help it?. THEN you managed to shrink his Les Paul that he got from EC? 😉 No you Cannot borrow my new electronic drums. tch tch tch.

  3. Get ’em J.!!! Yep, I loaned him an outstanding concert-sized Epiphone Acoustic/Electric…. A really SUPER nice guitar…. I haven’t seen what left of it yet but am planning a little trip to Higs House here real soon (if you know what I mean: as in the proper application of HiGh ExPlOsIvEs… Ha!)….

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