Thunder Sonics……

Lost AGAIN!!!….  I think the Thunder Sonics have been taking lessons from Bob Stoops and the OU Football team…..  They have a great team during the regular season – Get in the Playoffs – Turn a 0-2 start into a 4 game winning streak getting them into the Finals….  Then they revert to their childhood – Sloppily win the 1st game of the Finals with the finesse of a grade school team –  Continuing at the same level of play, they managed to lose 3 in a row – If they don’t wake up, this coming game will be the end of it……  The Bad Ref excuse just doesn’t cut it……  That happens in any sport…..  OU plays football the same way – They can get to the Championship game and then suffer mass amnesia on how to play the game….  I studied this over the years – If OU jumps out to an early commanding lead, you can almost bet the Farm and all the Chickens that the game won’t end in their favor…..

Seattle, I don’t blame you for dumping the Sonics….  They were asking way too much from the City….  Well, OKC asked for them, and got it – “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” worth…..  Don’t get me wrong – I would like to see them come back and pull it off – But, I doubt it!…..

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    Holy freakin’ crap, MR! The Thunder dismantled the lakers and beat an outstanding Spurs team with the best record in the NBA. They’re not playing well in the finals, but to say they’re laying an egg in the playoffs is completely wrong.

    The officiating _is_ uncommonly bad and biased in this series. In basketball, you have to expect crappy calls — foul calling is supremely subjective — but over a number of games the calls average out. That’s not the case in this series.

  2. Sorry, HS, but, I just wanted to see if I could get anyone’s dander up….. It Worked!….. I do concur with your expertise in the field of sports….. If the officiating is really that terrible isn’t there something that can be done?….. In football, coaches can contest calls and they have instant replays….. I’ve seen more than one bad call reversed…. Do they not have anything like that in basketball?….. I would love to see The Thunder Sonics bring home the Bacon…..

  3. See.

    Now we have some big shot fund manager in town trying to sell us a new arena and steal a team from someone else. Sacramento’s team was the first thought. Something funny going on. Not laughing.

  4. They can have the Thunder Sonics back, but, they have to move me to Seattle also, or it’s no deal!…….

  5. As I posted on FB. Proud yet Disgusted.

  6. Note: Seattle did not dump the Sonics! They were stolen from us!

  7. TTop, you are mostly likely right as rain…… We have some very greedy, conniving, crooked, underhanded super rich Butt Heads that hide out here in this “Desert Ice Box” known as OKC…… I’m sure they’re meeting somewhere secret right now, counting all their profits….. They also make sure that they remain nameless and faceless to the General Public….. The “Desert Ice Box” refers to the super hot Summers (it’s gonna be 100 all week) and the super cold Winters (we have blizzards plus long stretches of well below freezing temps)…… Our Springs and Falls last about 5 minutes each….. You can hold me Hostage for the Sonics, but, you have to move me to Seattle or it’s no deal!…….

  8. I’m noticing a theme here. I will help you move to Seattle but you have to take me with you or it’s no deal. 🙂

  9. I don’t care if the whole state of Oklahoma moved to Seattle, just as long as I get to go….. Actually, I take that back – There are lots of people I would not want to see enjoying Seattle…… They deserve these 104 temps we’re getting right now in the “Desert Ice Box”….

  10. Reservations at Motel 6 ?

  11. If the Motel 6 is in Seattle and you’re payin’, Anon, I’m ready to start loading up a U-Haul and head that way, TODAY!…… Give me a confirmation and I’ll see ya in about 48 hours (Ha!)…….

  12. #12 by huskysooner

    I’m very happy OKC has an NBA team, but it’s terrible that it had to be at the expense of Seattle, the Sonics being a team that had an extensive history (one championship and at least another final appearance [1996?]). I know it probably won’t ever quite be the same, but I hope they get a team soon.

  13. My calling them The Thunder Sonics is NOT a put down as I have strong ties with both cities….. Does anyone know how many of the current players for the Thunder also played for the Sonics?…… Is it an all new team, or do we actually have some Thunder Sonic players?…..

  14. I know Durant was drafted by Seattle, don’t know how many more.

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