It’s getting close to that time of year again….. Baseball’s already into the season and football’s cranking up now….. I thought it might be interesting for everyone into sports (or not) to pick the winners – The World SeriesCollege National Football ChampionsSuperbowl Champions….. A friend of mine who’s into sports picked the following: Chicago White Sox, USC, and The Indianapolis Colts….. My picks are based on favorites as I’m not well versed on the strengths and weaknesses of the teams are The Cubs, Oklahoma, and The Seattle Seahawks…… After each of the championships we can refer back to this post and see if anyone can foretell the future, or made a good guess….. There will be some sort of prize for any winners, but, don’t expect anything much larger than a pat on the back and a few lines of praise from the MR community…….

10 Responses to “Sports-A-Rama…..”

  1. #1 by Randalf the Grey

    My picks will also be based on personal favorites. The New York Yankees will win their 27th World Series, the Oklahoma Sooners will win their 8th National Championship, the Denver Broncos will win
    their 3rd Super Bowl and monkeys will fly out of my butt.

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    Detroit Tigers, OSU Buckeyes, Seattle Seahawks.

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    I’m guessing the odds on the OU prediction went down a few notches today! [They were my second choice.]

  4. Yankees, OU, Dallas Cowboys

  5. Is this all of our “Sports-Minded” in the community?….. Com’n, Jek, Anon, and any of you others that haven’t responded, at least take a WAG (Wild-Ass Guess) at it….. Can’t hurt, and you may be closer than those that track every play and player….

  6. New York Mets, Indianapolis Colts, with OU out of the picture, I don’t give a you know what.

  7. #7 by huskysooner

    No TTop? I kinda like’s Sunn’s pick of the Mets.

  8. Yankees all the way, Indy’s a good pick, and with the ol’ crimson and cream out of the pic, i’m goin wit the Fightin’ Irish ND

  9. #9 by Randalf the Grey

    P.O.T.F.I. !

  10. Although, I really don’t like them, I will agree with J.J. on the Fighting Irish. Yuk.

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