Bob Stoops PLEASE GO……

……Somewhere – Anywhere…… As long as it is AWAY FROM Oklahoma!…… As most of you know, I’m not a real big sports nut, but, living in (or being from) Oklahoma, it’s just a natural thing to follow the exploits of the OU football program, even if you’re one of those OSU fanatics, but, for Mr. Stoops to pull what he did in the National Championship Bowl game this year was an embarrassment to the team and every Oklahoman worldwide!…… Now, mind you, I don’t care if the Yo-Yo embarrasses himself or his so-called coaching staff, but, when he makes all Oklahomans appear to be dumb, backwood hicks, which includes me, that crosses the line, and, it’s time for “New Blood”…..

The “Team” did NOT lose that game – Bob Stoops and his band of Cronies did, and, I’m not too sure it wasn’t on purpose!….. All season, OU has gone with a no-huddle offense, giving the opposing defense little or no time to adjust…… OU set scoring records doing this….. S-o-o-o, what happens at the Bowl game? The team doesn’t huddle, Bradford gets them on line, sets himself for the hike, AND THEN, the idiot coach’s start hollering and signalling from the sidelines….. Bradford stands up and looks over at the sidelines, while these goofs re-call the play, which allows the defense for the other team all the time in the world to adjust to what OU is going to do!!!…. Talk about telegraphing your intentions!…… If this would have happened every once in a while, I would have no complaints, but, apparently, this went on throughout the whole game…… I can’t say, at a certain point, I had to stop watching the Bozo coaches before I caused serious damage to my wide screen TV and/or me……

I did see OU‘s first touchdown, and, the only reason they got it was, for some reason or another, they left Bradford alone, and, guess what – Wham-Bam, a few no-huddle plays later OU scores, AND THEN, it was back to a “We’re going to run the game from the sidelines” again……. I couldn’t watch it anymore…… If I would have been Bradford, I would have went to the sidelines, stared Stoops in the face, shoved my helmet into his stomach and told him, “If you want to run every play, suit-up, and get your butt on the field”…… At least that would’ve gotten his head out of his ass (maybe)……

Like I said, it was too embarrassing for me to continue watching…… It made the OU players look as if they were too STUPID to know what play to run, or remember more than one play at a time, which, goes back to making ME look like I’m from a state that has no one in it smart enough to have any short or long term memory…… I’m sorry, I will not stand for some “WAY THE HELL” overpaid butt-head with his own agenda make my State, team, and me look like a bunch of hillbilly retards….. I firmly believe there was a lot more to this than a mere loss – Stoops didn’t act like the loss was any big thing to him (or unexpected) after the game was over…… If you taped the game, re-watch it, and draw your own conclusions……. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!…… GO AWAY MR. STOOPS……

I made this decision at the conclusion of that game – “I will NEVER watch another OU football game as long as Bob Stoops has ANYTHING to do with the OU athletic program“…… Tell me I’m wrong – The man can’t even beat Texas or win bowl games….. That should be more than enough for any true OU fan to want him on the next train outta town….. If you agree with Mr. Stoops, I’m sure there should be plenty of extra seats for you on the Stoops’ Stupedio Express…..

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  1. Re-watch the game. Bradford wasn’t looking at the sideline for the next play. He was waiting for the signal from the officials to start the play.
    The officials were taking their sweet time setting the play clock. Florida’s strategy was to purposely slow the game down (with some dubious tactics), thus negating OU’s no huddle strategy. It is up to the officials to not let this happen, yet they turned their head the other way. What’s new in Sooner Land?
    How many teams have never played in a Title game, much less won one? OU has a target on its’ back & always will. Not exactly sure why.
    I don’t think anyone can explain their bowl failures in recent years, & Stoops is the only constant. However, I think there is more than one reason (overconfident, over hyped, bad luck, bad officiating etc.)
    Bottom line, someone always has to be the fall guy. Look at our everyday life in the U.S. Sports imitates life or vice versa.
    I’m not happy with the final results, but that’s life in the fast lane.

  2. I bow to your expertise in the Sports field, Sunn, but, I have some observations to point out in support of my Post……

    1. The commentators talked about the offensive coaches calling plays from the sidelines and even had the camera swing over to the sidelines one time after Bradford had the team and himself set, and stood up to look over at the sidelines…… The offensive coaches were arm waving with signals like crazy….. The impression this gave me was that they were changing the plays on a regular basis…..

    2. If the officials were intentionally delaying the start of the clock, why didn’t Stoops have the team just stand around behind the line of scrimmage until they started the clock and then run up, set, and start the play?….. Since they were not huddling away, they should still have had plenty of time to pull the play off without giving away anything to the defense….. If that couldn’t be done or wouldn’t work, then he should have had a back-up strategy to go to…… I mean, the same thing just kept happening over and over again!…… I agree there are lots of bad calls in any game, and OU seems to get more than their share, but, to me, that one doesn’t hold water – Sorry…..

    3. Yes, I agree OU gets overconfident more than they should, but, I thought the team looked good and was well disciplined with the exception of the Offensive team’s constant re-setting for every play, and, I firmly believe that they were the better team in that game and could’ve won it….. This loss wasn’t the “Teams” fault….. I’ve seem them go out and play like a bad high-school team more than once…… I didn’t like it, but, I accepted it – This was bad coaching – NOT bad playing……

    I stick by my Post and my resolution not to watch OU as long as Bob’s in charge….. I agree I’m not an expert on the subject, but, I know what I saw and heard, and, I was embarrassed to be an Oklahoman on that day, and, I don’t don’t like that feeling one bit…..

  3. I would suggest they hire “Bob” the Prairie Dog. His legend continues to grow.

  4. MR, please stop hanging out with Michael Phelps.

  5. PD Bob did watch the game with me….. He tried to calm me down by offering his stainless steel flask of Harvey WallBanger….. He told me that I didn’t need Bob Stoops to embarrass me, I was more than capable of doing it all by myself….. PD Bob read your comment, Sunn, and said if they would give him Bob Stoops’ paycheck, he would guarantee OU the National Championship every year….. He went down his HQ hole and came up with this play-book….. I had to tell him that I didn’t think that he could get away with digging holes in the field during a game…. He promptly told me, “I don’t see any stinkin’ rules in here that says I can’t”…… He’s also pushing me for his own column……

    Here’s how much I know about Sports, HS – Who the hell is Michael Phelps?….. By the wording of your comment, that would be a bad thing – right?…..

  6. After thoughtful consideration, I would advise BPD to take the job with congress, rather than OU head coach. Less accountability, less pressure, more perks, higher pay.

  7. PD Bob has decided to go after the “Washington Termites”….. He claimed being a head football coach would be too limiting, although he said DC and most sports are controlled by big business these days anyway, so, he said he gonna go for the head of the snake…. PDB goes to Washington……

    Oh, Yeah, if any of you watched the Daytona 500, that was PD Bob undercover as Digger the Gopher….. PDB’s investigating everything, everywhere….

  8. Ask PD Bob what ever happened to the Thunders/Sonics??????

  9. Oh-h, this is good, Anon – PD Bob almost popped his Kevlar plates out of his PDB vest rolling around on the floor laughing…… Last night, The Thunder, debuted their new mascot – “Rumble”….. Thunder – Rumble – I wonder how long it took them to come up with that one?…… It’s really bad, sad, and hard to describe….. They even made up a history for “it”…… It’s a Buffalo that was supposed to have been struck by lightening way out on the plains somewhere- turning it into a two-legged Buffalo, and, it “roamed” into the big city, drawn to all the excitement generated by The Thunder…… Actually, it’s a man(?) with a big, badly designed, Buffalo head on with a lo-o-n-g mane hanging down the back, furry hands and feet, and a tail sticking out of the butt-end of the Thunder uniform he has on…. Like I said, it’s sad….

    Hold on, PD Bob saw me writing this, and started laughing all over again….. He’s turning blue and can’t get his breath….. I guess I had better go administer some Harvey Wallbanger aid before he passes out……

  10. Alas, poor Yorick.

  11. PD Bob’s finally recovered and is well “Lubied” with HWB…… He said that he was caught totally unawares the NBA had a humor factor of 10+……..

  12. I would love to have PDB as the Thunder mascot. I bet he could dunk, whereas Thunder missed his (shameful).
    On second thought, We’re really spreading PBD kind of thin here.

  13. PDB said he’s a little short to be a mascot, but, if they allowed him to use his tail, he could sink that sucker every time!…… PDB is wanted by everyone, so, he said he was headed back “underground” to do some more serious investigating…… He expects his own headline and logo when he reports back in with stuff, and I quote, “that everybody needs to know”…… I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon – he left his 55 gallon drum of high-octane HWB behind…..

  14. hs: Are you insinuating that MR has been helping Michael Phelps (btw mr he’s the Olympic swimmer that did so well this last year) with the use of his herbal smoking apparatus? I also watched that game with PDB and LSD and we could not believe our eyes, I stand with MR in his assessment of Stoop,id and the outcome of the game. It was pretty bad when we had to switch over to the wii to keep from doing an Elvis on the wide screen.

  15. #15 by huskysooner

    Yep. While OU has been frustrating to watch in recent BCS games, 99.9% of all college programs would jump at the chance to have Stoops as their coach. Y’all want Howard Snellenberger back?

  16. I want to point out, HS, that I wasn’t frustrated with the team, but, with the “Total Control” of the team from the sidelines….. I don’t like the direction that college football (and other college sports to a lesser degree) is taking…… It’s “Big Business” now, and, that brings out the uglies in droves…… I want to get into this more – So, I want to make a new Post on this….. I think we’ve covered Mr. Stoops and this particular bowl game in depth…… I want to move on and talk about the effect this “Big Business” attitude has had on college sports – football in particular……

    If I don’t Post on this within the next few days, please feel free to jump right in and Post….. That goes for anyone in the community…. Post away – that’s what we’re here for……

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