Flip a Coin……

Well, Oklahoma City stole Seattle’s basketball team, and, now the State of Oklahoma is sending in ground troops in the form of OU football players and fanatic fans for an assault on the University of Washington’s stadium….. I heard they had orders to bring the stadium back with them!…… Rumors?…. Maybe….. With my Seattle connections, my big problem is who to root for….. Not being a super football fanatic like most Oklahomans, I’m flipping a coin for the winner as either way would be acceptable to me…… Huskysooner and Jek may also have problems with who to cheer for……

GO HUSKIES – BOOMER SOONER!….. Maybe it’ll be a tie……

6 Responses to “Flip a Coin……”

  1. One’s loyalty always lies with their undergraduate institution. Boomer Sooner!

    Jek should have no such complications, and probably cares about as much as you, MR.

  2. Where do I check None of the above?

  3. Yeah, HS, I really want OU to win, BUT, I am going to be mad if, somewhere during the season, OU pulls their usual and lets some unrated team beat them….. They do it almost every year!….. S-o-o-o, if they are going to lose at least one game this year – make it to Washington….. I could live with that….. In fact, I predict that they are going to lose to Washington and then win all their remaining games including the National Championship……. How’s that for putting my foot in my mouth?……

  4. Ok How’s those toes taste? I wish I had seen your comment before the game. I would have called our bookie and made a bet. Cause remember when you make a prediction………well…… On the other hand, Does Washington suck that bad, cause OU just isn’t that great.

  5. My toes are a-hurtin’…… Actually, I was impressed with OU…… Usually they get ahead a touchdown or two, especially early in a game, and drop-in to high school mode resulting in losing the game or barely winning it….. They were steady as a rock this time out….. Now, I’m worried about the rest of the season…… That “We’re No. 1” bug has bit them in butt more than once…… As a rule, OU is not a team to bet for or against – they’re just too unpredictable….. That’s why I went against them, I knew they would win just to spite me…… (Ha)…..

  6. For the record, I was in the stands. I was in the stands dressed in crimson. I was in the stands dressed in crimson with a bunch of fellow undergrad students that flew out; what a time! I can’t believe how much those guys can still drink/party. I’m pooped thinking about that weekend. GO BIG RED!

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