Noodling Around……

Hollywood comes to Oklahoma, again….. There’s been lots of parts of movies, and, even complete movies like “Twister” made in Oklahoma, but, I don’t know if they’re on the right track with this one or not…… They’re already here and filming in Pauls Valley, a small town on I-35 south of Oklahoma City….. The movie is supposed to have a plot based on a young girl trying to get out of a small country town, but, it is based around the Oklahoma cult sport of “Noodling” or more commonly known as “Okie Noodling”….. Anon knows what I’m talking about….. It’s not the smartest sport in the World, believe me…..

Here’s all you got to do: Find a creek, stream, or river, usually muddy and with lots of nooks and crannies along it’s banks, usually covered with tree growth and underbrush…… These are basically small underwater caves cut in the banks just under the surface by the water flow….. Huge Catfish (40 to 70 lbs. or more) love to hang out in them, along with who knows what….. Then, just JUMP IN!stick your arm in the hole, locate the catfish, STICK YOUR HAND AND ARM DOWN IT’S THROAT, wrestle it out of the water, and throw it in a boat – That’s it – Nothing to it….. No fishing poles, lines, bait or gear of any kind required! (including brains)…..

PBS has already done a special on “Okie Noodling” a few years back….. Just can’t wait for this one to make the theaters….. I’m sure Oklahoma will be honored with at least a few pages in “The Great Redneck History of the U. S. of A.”…… Yee-Ha!……

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  1. Snakes are something to watch out for, but I understand beavers are the worst…..chew your arm off right up to the elbow. Snake bite you have time to get to the hospital. Catfish bite is proof of manhood.

    Do you need a fishing license in Oklahoma to noodle?

    When I jam with Jek why does he call it noodling?

  2. I don’t know if the State of Oklahoma considers Noodling as fishing, so, I’m not sure, but, I would almost bet if they don’t require it now, they will with all the publicity going on about it….. Oklahoma wants money and they don’t care how they get it……

    You’d have to ask Jek on your noodle jam, but, maybe it’s a “Noodling” reference to searching around with your arm trying to locate that big catfish – in other words, you’re roaming around on the fretboard trying to locate that cool sequence of notes to become the “Hook” of the song, or, maybe he’s thinking about a bowl of thin long noodles and you’re stringing them together in all sorts of ways in random order hoping to find the best sounding riff…. Play on, Oh Noodle Master Anon……

  3. That sounds like me……random noodler.

  4. Actually, Anon, you are in good company – Lots of musicians, including FZ and Hendrix, never played the same song exactly the same each time they performed it….. That’s a form of “Random Noodling”…..

    I think MR Central should start a “University of Random Guitar Noodling” and we’ll elect you to be “Resident Guru Noodler”….. Play on, Professor Anon……

  5. I found a copy of the PBS Okie Noodling at my local video store. Exciting footage of man verses beast. Recommended viewing.

  6. They actually had that at a video store in Washington?….. Cool…. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it…… I think I’ll check at the Library and see if they have a copy…..

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