Musicial Coaches…..

As most of you know, I don’t follow sports that much, but, it seems to me that there was an extraordinarily huge number of firing and hiring of coachesboth college and pro – this year….. Has the “WIN or you’re outta here” philosophy kicked (field goal – 3 pts.) in or what?…… I see the Seattle Seahawks have a new coach…. Just a warning, Seattle, you keep it up and OKC might just buy them and call them “Lightning” since they bought the Sonics and renamed them “Thunder”….. God, I hope not!….

I wonder if I could get one of those Head coaching gigs?….. Even if it only lasted part of a year, that would be a lotta bucks….. PD Bob said he would be the offensive coach…. I told him he was already offensive so he’s halfway there to being hired….. Any MR community members want to throw their hat in the ring for a coaching staff position?….. I bet we could do as well as most of them that are getting the big bucks and the Fame, don’t forget the FAME!…..

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  1. If I can sit in the stands with my ultra mag the referees would be on our side, besides it would be hard to kick a field goal with a flat football. Wouldn’t need to shoot any one, just a flag or two and maybe the odd football. Sounds like fun, count me in as referee relations.

  2. You got the job, Robo, as long as there can be no evidence found that connects you to any of MR’s coaching staff if you get caught…. Good Hunting……

  3. I’ll need a position like head of security so I’m the person looking for the idiot that keeps shooting footballs and little yellow flags. If I use Ice instead of lead to make the bullets then the evidence will melt has long has we play in warm places I’m thinking Honolulu bowl.

  4. Yep, H of S would be the right job for you, Robo….. I also think that the coaching staffs of the teams should be issued red flags which they can throw when the refs make a bad call….. They (the refs) seem to be making more and more BAD calls, and, even after reviewing them, they stand by them….. I bet every ref in the world hates instant replays……

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