61 Earthquakes……

Since Friday!……  Yep, here in Oklahoma…..  Only a few of them were strong enough to be felt, in the 3 to 3.5 region, but, 61 of them?…..  We never used to have Earthquakes until about a year or so ago…..  So now we have to not only worry about being blown away from the sky by Tornadoes, but, have to worry about being swallowed up from the ground…..  Maybe both at the same time!…..  Wouldn’t that be something?…..  In your underground Tornado Shelter, and all of a sudden, you just start going down further – Great Thought and a Wonderful place to live – Anyone want to swap living quarters? (as long as it’s not some other location in or near Oklahoma (Ha!))……

2 Responses to “61 Earthquakes……”

  1. We call those “baby quakes”.

  2. You may be used to these “Baby Quakes”, Anon, but, I’d be just as happy if no more of them were born in Oklahoma….. We’ve got enough problems caused by Mother Nature without the ground s-h-a-k-i-n-g under our feet….. If they came from Washington, please take ’em back….. Thank You (Ha!)…..

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