Book Reoprt Neil Young Special Deluxe

I just finished ( for the 2nd time) Listening to Neil read his newest chapter in his foray into being a author.
Many of you know (and some agree) that Neil Young has never done anything that I did not like, and this book is no exception.
As he starts off he prefaces that this is a book about cars, And Dogs. He goes into quite a few stories about dogs that he has had over the years and the cars that were important at the time.
It is kind of a retelling of his story first brought forth in Waging Heavy Peace many of the stories will be familiar to readers of that book, but this time around he expounds on the cars that played pivotal roles in a lot of the best and worst times in his life. He laments about having to get rid of a big part of his car collection in 2010 due to lagging record sales and some bad investments.
Also anyone that has followed Neil in later years knows that the environment is a big cause to him nowadays. Here he expounds on the damage that his cars did to the atmosphere along the way telling how on certain trips how much CO2 he put in the air.
It was fun to learn that most of his cars and trucks were not necessarily Collector or Muscle Cars but as he says cars that “Spoke to him and had a personality”
The last chapter deals with his LincVolt Project. Re-powering a 1959 Lincoln Continental Convertible with Battery/Hybrid power. If he can do that with the ultimate Gas Guzzler why can’t it be more readily available in production models at an afordable price.
So for any Neil Young,CSN&Y,Car, or Environmental fan this is a must read/Have.

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  1. Being a Neil Young fanatic myself, will definitely check this out!

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