Only in the Great Northwest……

Here’s another snapshot that Anon sent me….. It was originally titled, “So much for that Global Warming/Endangered Species claptrap!!!!”, but, I know the inside story…. Whitey the  Polar Bear is merely being a good citizen and is offering the pedestrian on the passenger’s side of Whitey’s Ford pick-up a ride (Yes, Polar Bear’s can get Driver’s Licenses in Seattle)….  This pic was taken on Pine Street in the Capitol Hill District in Seattle……

As far as the Global Warming crap, I agree, it’s mis-named….. It should be called “Global Climatic Change” because most of World is experiencing more of the weather that they normally get, and, in some cases, complete reversal of the “Norm”….. In Oklahoma, we’re already getting Burn Ban Warnings…. We ended 2011 in an “Extreme Drought”, and, so far in 2012, we’ve had about two snowflakes of moisture….  As soon as everything burns to the ground, we will be an official “Desert”…..

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  1. Rednecks with any source of ignition will see to the “burning it all down”. Last year we had whole neighborhoods burn down.

  2. Today is going to be a pyromaniac’s dream day (22JAN12)….. Everything outside is so dead that if you rubbed two soap bars together it would start a fire…… Now, add sustained winds of 30 mph with gusts in the 40/60 mph range, and this is predicted for the next 24 hrs!….. So-o-o, if you have an extra Fire Truck parked in your back yard, send it to Oklahoma….. I hope I’m wrong, but, I don’t doubt that Okla-Scorched Earth-Homa will make the National news today or tomorrow……

  3. Nice try Anon and MR, but the photo is a fake. Here’s the original:

  4. Hey, I was just going by what Anon sent me!….. You have to admit that it did make a more interesting photo….. We’re just like our American Media – You do what you need to in order to make something sensational – Who cares about the real truth or facts – They just get in the way!…..

  5. No fake, the bear got the guy unstuck (for a few bucks) and they both left by the time the second photo was taken.

  6. I believe you, Anon – Sounds logical to me…….

  7. You Two, Don’t get Jek Fired up any more than he is already over this picture, you know how he is about internet falsities. You gotta remember this is someone who reads The Onion, with Myth Busters playing in the background.

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