Yeah, It’s 4th of July Again!….

Sorry ’bout the lack of enthusiasm, but it seems it was just the 4th a few days ago – Time is passing w-a-y too fast!……  Also, My 240SX, which I have never had a speck of trouble out of, decided that it just doesn’t want to start any more!…..  No previous indications/warnings of any problems…..  All the pre-ignition lights come on, no indication of a dead battery – Nothing…  Turn the Key and I get a slight click and then Na-Da……  Ar-r-gh!…..  I thinking it’s the starter, but, not sure, as all these newer cars have BILLIONS of sensors and whatever…..  So-o-o-o-o, I’ll be spending the 4th trying to figure out what the Hell’s going on with my car…..  I can’t live without transportation and I really don’t want to fork over bucks to have it towed to the dealership, which is where I was going to take it next week for an oil change and general maintenance, but, as usual, with my luck, it decides to blow up yesterday……

Oh, Yeah, thsi Post was about the 4th of July, right?……  Don’t go blowing off any of your fingers (or someone else’s) unless it’s absolutely  necessary….. eh?…..  HAPPY 4th OF JULY – BE SAFE………

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    How old is the battery? Unless it’s new, that’s still a good bet.

  2. Hate to ask, but there’s a reason….. is it solidly in “park”?

    (Yeah, been caught by this once… *d’oh!*)

    I kinda miss working on cars, I liked the systematic trackdown of repair, assuming of course I had it running at the end of the day. The ’60s cars were so much easier for me to work on, it’s one of the reasons I don’t really miss having a car. What I *like* is no longer available, practical, or economical…. so I really don’t care that a new plastic car has 4 computer monitors in the dash, OnStar, keyless entry, fob start-up, automatic wipers, and headlights you have no control over. Can’t I just get something without all that junk for much cheaper, actually hear the engine, cruise with a window down, and maybe feel a bump or a rattle once in a while?

  3. Car doesn’t have a “Park”, Hignose (Ha!) and the Battery is less than two months old, HS….. It’s a five 5-speed manual trans…… I’m pretty sure it’s the Starter and will know tomorrow….. Just one of those things when you own a car and need it for transportation……

    I agree with you totally, Hignose – Today’s cars have more accessories that you don’t need, useless things that you’ll never need, and cost more than a brand new housing addition in the NW side of town…..

  4. Couldn’t agree more….all the crap they put on cars. Give me a basic car and you can put wing windows back on them. Don’t miss vacuum windshield wiper motors though.

  5. I got nothing. See ya Sunday.

  6. It took ’til Monday, but, I finally got my 240SX in the shop, thanks to Friends and Relatives and, If you can believe it – MR J.! (Ha!) – Just kidding, Mr. J……. and, it turned out to be exactly what I thought it was – BAD STARTER…… Of course, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg in price as compared to what I could have done it for myself, but, It’s right at 100 degrees out them with a heat index well above three digits, so I might be broke and have to eat light (which probably wouldn’t hurt me too much YEAH- (Ha!)), but, at least, I’ll have dependable transportation again and can make the trips across town to finish up the recording sessions for our latest foray into music that only a mother can appreciate (Ha!)….. Hope everybody has their fingers, toes, etc., and had a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!…..

  7. #7 by huskysooner

    Well, with the 5-speed, you can always park on a hill, clutch-in and second gear, let it roll down, and pop the clutch…

  8. I’m in Okla-Flat-Homa….. I least I did have Mr. Mount St. J.J. to push start me to get it going to take it over to the Dealer….. J.J.’s not a bad Push- Starter (Ha!)…… Really though, thanks to J.J, and Nancy, and a bunch of the other MR Community Members, the 240SX SE is back in business and running again as good as new…… Of course, I’m BROKE, but, I can ride around hungry in Class and Style!…… What more can you ask for?…..

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