Um, so yeah…. I found this…. not sure how….

OK, some people can’t let go of pets. I get that. Some people go a little crazy over their pets. I get that. This one, I’m not sure of…. is it sad that I kinda like it?


Dutch Artist Bart Jansen had a cat named Orville, which ran across a street once too often and met an automotive end. So, what to do? Burial? Nah, no good spot. Cremation? Nope, don’t want to have a mishap and need the Dustbuster. Hmmm….. what can we do with taxidermy? Taxidermy….. Orville…. oh! It’s so obvious!


Cat-copter cat-quadcopter catcopter catflying


Birds, I believe you have met your match…..


One Response to “Um, so yeah…. I found this…. not sure how….”

  1. Hey, Mr. Higgs, I saw this one on the ‘ol Boob Tube about a month or so ago……. The things cats will do for attention…….. (They’re only second to those Master Bozo’s of the Universe – Yep! – You guessed it – The Human Race!)……. Woops! – Time to go put my wings on!…… SWITCH ON!……

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