This is becoming too frequent…. 2014 is a drag.

Unfortunately, it’s not Beiber, Gaga, Kanye, or even Jane Fonda…. just read that Oklahoman and screen great James Garner passed away Saturday at 86, of natural causes.

I liked reruns of Maverick and The Great Escape. I liked watching him in the Rockford Files, though I never understood why Rockford bothered to try, or how often he even got paid. I enjoyed him in Tank as a kid (cheesy movie, in retrospect), and was glad to see him continue working in good movies like My Fellow Americans (he always had a charisma that would be as slick as any real president) and Space Cowboys, even though most actors his age had long-since retired. Thanks for the memories sir, a decent obit can be found here:


*ring, ring* “This is Jim Rockford, at the tone leave your name and message…. I won’t get back to you….” *beep*


3 Responses to “This is becoming too frequent…. 2014 is a drag.”

  1. The Rockford Files was one of my all time favorite TV series.

  2. My antihero ……….RIP

  3. I’m getting where I dread just waking up in the morning – I immediately think “Who did we lose last night?”……. Life’s not fun anymore, but, it beats the Hell out of being Dead – I guess that’s a bit morbid, isn’t it?…… I know we all have to go sometime, but, everyone we love in 2014? – Doesn’t seem fair to me…… God – We need to talk!…… Now, Kid!…..

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