Jimi Never Ceases……

…..  to amaze me!…….  Officially Postmarked on 13MAR14, Jimi joined a number of talented, original artists that have no equals……  If this screwed-up World of ours would pay just a small, slight minute passing attention to the words of our musicians instead of our crooked, coneivening, stealing, bs’ing, lying, corrupt worthless Politicians, we might just have an slim – really slim – outside fast ball chance at survival……  The odds are further than “Way Out There”!, believe me!…..  At least, My old Employer – The USPS – recognizes some of these superbly, decent  Humans and pays tribute to them……  I now use only Hendrix stamps on ALL my letters and correspondence….. – AS YOU SHOULD – “THINK ABOUT IT – I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS A LAW AGAINST THINKING ABOUT IT” – “YET, ANYWAY (Ha!)”



Jimi ” The Man” Hendrix

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