It’s Comin’ Soon!……

The new (and first) CD by the “Kelvinators” is about to be released!……  The title will be “Hot Water Rinse”…… Within the next week or so – or so?……  You know how it goes…….  Lots of old covers with new twists……  Of course, Music is a personal taste, so you may LOVE it or HATE it…..  I’m pulling a BIG surprise on the other two Kelvinators – s-h-h-h-h, Don’t tell…..  There’s going to be some amazing stuff on this one……  Price?.….  It does take money for supplies, I’m doing everything else from A to Z, except what parts EC and Raj are playing, and, yes they do contribute other things too!……  It’s really a group effort and, if you Community members are interested, I’ll start today by posting the Cover Art (which could change slightly before total completion), and then upload a track (15 total tracks) maybe once a week……

Of Course, We’re not allergic to good, old-fashioned green-back cash-o Bucks……  If you want a hard copy with all the artwork and a printed custom CD (all done by me – Yeah, I’m bragging)…..  Maybe something in the range of $5 a copy plus shipping and handling (that barely covers the materials only – not counting the time, labor, wear and tear on my printer, computer, and everything else, including the .05 Pentel pencil leads I use for the “Layout” drawings (2H, by the way)(Ha!), and the resulting BRAIN DAMAGE ……(Oh, Yeah, A few mistakes along the way – it DOES happen)……  Anyway, that’s the cart before the horse – Wait till you hear a few cuts, then we’ll see if it’s worth pursuing any further…..

Let Me know if you JoJo’s want to hear some of this stuff, or should I just trashcan it right now, sit down, turn on the TV, pop in a DVD, Retire, Pig Out, and act my age by not doing anything worthwhile until a Tornado/Earthquake gets me……

WELL, I’m waiting……  Oh-h-u-m-m…….  Oh, here’s the Working Cover Art:



2 Responses to “It’s Comin’ Soon!……”

  1. Sign me up for a hard copy even before I’ve heard anything. I’ll take a chance. May have to pay by installment in loose change.

    Cover art looks good. You still use a 2H? Personally I prefer 4H and my amp goes up to 11.

  2. Couple of changes – I got vetoed on the 15 tracks – Mainly because they’re not ready yet – So-o-o-o, it’s going to be a 5 track Extended EP with a Bonus Track!……. BUT, Anon, you and any of the MR Community Members that want a hard copy when I get them finished – Get one FREE!….. If you want one – just send me your address you want it shipped to to my eMail address – Promise to get it to you ASAP…. Of course, donations, etc., won’t be turned down (Ha!)…… I would say “Money Back Guarantee”, but since it’s free, I don’t think I’m legally responsible to pay you wages for the time it took you to listen to the CD and decide that you didn’t like it…..Ha!)….. If you don’t like it, you obviously have no taste in the first place (Double Ha!)……

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