Oddity from the web….

It’s crazy how much survives from ’60s sci-fi. Found a reference the other day to an auction from a couple years ago. Details are sketchy, but I think this went for about $28,000. Looking a bit worse for wear, Balok is still around….




Reminds me of the discovery and restoration of the prop from the 1960 movie The Time Machine with Rod Taylor. This was brought to prominence a few years ago by its appearance on The Big Bang Theory (as Penny stated, unimpressed, “It looks like something Elton John would drive through the Everglades…”)

time-machineThe Time Machine BBT


A history of the prop can be found here: http://www.hollywoodlostandfound.net/props/timemachine.html


As someone who hates to throw old things away, I always like to hear about something iconic from a previous decade being found in an attic or warehouse and preserved. Stories like the Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me being found and restored are so much better than stories like one of the DB5’s from Goldfinger/Thunderball being stolen and still missing.




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  1. I guess I am dumb! – NO COMMENT -HIGGS – J.J. – JEK – ANON -TTOP, HS – RAJ – AND ALL THE OTHERS, INCLUDING MYSELF – MR – But, I thought everything off the Web is a certifiable oddity!……

  2. “For you consideration”
    (remember that from early television?)
    All the great art and weird stuff that must be stored on Hollywood movie lots.

  3. Anon, next time I’m out in your direction (and I hope it’s sooner than later!), maybe we can make a trip to the big H and get arrested browsing through all the collectable props?….. Should be quite an adventure, if nothing else….. eh?……

  4. MR
    Sounds like fun. Haven’t been arrested in years.

    They do sell off their props now and then.

  5. Did you use that unthinkable word “SELL”?….. Your Scoundrel Rating just bottomed out, Anon!!!!!…. It happens to the best of us on occasion – Doesn’t it?…… Maybe if we Haggle a bit, slip ’em a few bucks, who knows – it’ll might be okay….. We have to save you face somehow!……

  6. Just locate the Bluesmobile first, then load the trunk and the getaway is guaranteed, amirite?

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