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Um, so yeah…. I found this…. not sure how….

OK, some people can’t let go of pets. I get that. Some people go a little crazy over their pets. I get that. This one, I’m not sure of…. is it sad that I kinda like it?   Dutch Artist Bart Jansen had a cat named Orville, which ran across a street once too often […]

Who says electronic music can’t be cool?

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I found this on my web wanderings and thought it was just amazing. What if Nikola Tesla formed a rock band, you ask? Well, a lot of geeks have been fiddling around to give us the answer. Tesla coils usually function above the audible range, but someone discovered […]

Jimi Never Ceases……

…..  to amaze me!…….  Officially Postmarked on 13MAR14, Jimi joined a number of talented, original artists that have no equals……  If this screwed-up World of ours would pay just a small, slight minute passing attention to the words of our musicians instead of our crooked, coneivening, stealing, bs’ing, lying, corrupt worthless Politicians, we might just […]