MR’s De-Ed Checker Update

Here’s the Latest Standings, and, this time, They are in “Highest to Lowest” order…… Seems Anon (and a few others) didn’t pay attention when I said they were in “Alphabetical” order last time…… So-o-o, here they are:

1st Place: Izard: Twenty-One (21) Red Checkers, Two (2) Black Checkers
2nd Place: Jek: Sixteen (16) Red Checkers, One (1) Black Checker
3rd Place: J.J.: Fifteen (15) Red Checkers, Five (5) Black Checkers
4th Place: Sunn: Nine (9) Red Checkers
5th Place (Tied with RtG): HS: Seven (7) Red Checkers
5th Place (Tied with HS): RtG: Eight (8) Red Checkers, One (1) Black Checker
6th Place: Anon: Five (5) Red Checkers, One (1) Black Checker

I think I’ll call this First Round over at Twenty-Five….. Twenty-Five whats is the question, but, it looks as if Izard is getting really close…… Any questions on the point system are to be directed to the Contestants…… Final clarification will be at my discretion…… Now, isn’t this much more exciting than a 1-2-3, so on point system….. For all of you who hasn’t figured this out, it’s loosely based on a “Hawkeye and Trapper” game they came up with on “Mash”…… J.J. got it, so what does that tell you?……

2 Responses to “MR’s De-Ed Checker Update”

  1. Do we get any points for knowing which episode the checker counting system (if it can be called that) came from?

  2. Yeah, I’d cough-up Four (4) Red Checkers for that….. I do have all 11 seasons of Mash on DVD, so I can check your response….. They actually were playing a game combining checkers, cards, poker chips, and I think a chess set….. I came up with the thought of using them for a points system……. “I’ll see your two of puppy-feet and raise you a Knight”…..

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