Run, Hide, I’m Coming to the MR NW

Mrs. JJ and myself are officially planning our semi annual trek to the Great White Northwest for this X-Mas season. Hopefully we will be able to spend a whole week with all you up there. Maybe this time I won’t get lost trying to find Jek’s house. So warm up the coffee, Break open the Tim’s and hopefully we will see all of you the last week of 2007. I am especially looking forward to jamming with Jek again and also seeing New Years Eve maybe from the Space needle.

4 Responses to “Run, Hide, I’m Coming to the MR NW”

  1. Wow! We were just talking about going to Canada for Christmas. I’ll keep you in the loop on our plans. Right now we are just as likely to be in Seattle.

    It’ll be good to see you again J.

  2. I’m going to Canada too because it’s just as likely J.J. may be in Oklahoma for Christmas!…. (Ha-Ha!)

  3. I’m Feeling very Bookerish Right now.

  4. Funny, you don’t look “Bookerish”…….

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