MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Who Said It?…..

Looks as if I’m Head Quizzer of all things not musical ( although, I might step into J.J.’s area on occasion)….. I have found the “One Book to Rule Them All”The Bigger Book….. Here’s the first quiz from said source:

In 1998, a performing artist made the following statement:

“It’s very exciting to violate the law, though it can also lead to a kind of madness”

Four (4) White Pawns for the correct answer…..

19 Responses to “MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Who Said It?…..”

  1. 4 white pawns. Ha! I’m sure there’s a Bush Administration joke in there somewhere.

  2. It does fit our current administration rather nicely, doesn’t it?….. Just tell me who said it and you can have your very own Four piece collection of White Pawns to go along with all those checkers……

  3. This one seems tough. Maybe the answer will be obvious once said. The “performing artist” makes me wonder if this is not a musician, but some other type of artist… but I’m going to guess George Michael.

  4. Sorry, TTop, it’s not GM……. The person does fit the statement….. Real hints will start tomorrow if no one gets it before then….. ….I can say no more……

  5. The Red-Headed Stranger? BTW, I just recently found out he was called that. How long has that been going on?

  6. I thought that was Willie Nelson?….. and, no, it was not WN…..

  7. Right WN. Learned that from a Monk episode.

  8. Ha-Ha, I thought you were interfacing with TTop’s comment and calling George Michael “The Red-Headed Stranger”….. Now, that would be strange….. I always wondered about that as it looked to me that Willie always had brown hair before the gray, and he’s been called that for as long as I can remember…….

  9. Here’s the first hint: This person appeared in one of my favorite Si-fi films, “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995)…….

  10. Mick Jagger? Was he in that one? I might be thinking of a different movie…the one with the race car crash and the time travel thing.

  11. I used to listen to Willie quite a bit. IMO, Red Headed Stranger was his best album. Country rock was in vogue in the mid 70’s, not the slick rock a billy crap we now hear. If you can imagine, “Red Headed Stranger” was a country rock opera, ala “Tommy” by the Who. If you can stomach country at all, it’s worth a listen. However, I want to make it clear, I am definitely not a country fan, today.

  12. Izard, you’re thinking of Freejack, which was based on a Robert Sheckley novel, “Immortality, Inc.”. Actually there is very little of the book in the movie.

    Sunn, I’ll have to check out that album. Seems he named himself that.?

  13. I had forgot about Lips being in “Freejack”……. Thanks for the info, Jek….. I think an award of One (1) White Pawn is in “Order” for Jek and One (1) White Pawn for Sunn for all the Willie info…… But back to the Quiz, I guess another hint is in “Order” (hint)……. Besides being an Actor or Actress, this person is also a musician and author….. Much of this person’s music is politically oriented…….

  14. OK, Red headed Stranger came from the song of the same name His best album, and an movie also
    Todays quote came from none other than the great american Henry Rollins
    I must admit I answered before looking at the second set of hints.
    I am a BIG fan of The Rollins Band. His stand up is hilarius but his spoken word shows are the Lenny Bruce of our era. and he appears quite often on my 2 favorite Satellite radio shows(HS/BTLS) You all need to check out his work on the Memphis 3 I will put up a link later.

  15. I am sorry, J.J., But you’re WRONG!….. I guess I need to check out this Rollins dude, but, that is not the person who made the quote…… More hints: He (hint) is also an American Rapper, and has played a part on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” since 2000……

  16. OK Ice-T So there.

  17. Good goin’ J….. You are correct….. I’m not much on Rap music or Rappers in general, but, Tracy Marrow, a.k.a. Ice-T, has quite an impressive background….. After I posted the quote, I checked Wikipedia and he has had quite a busy career, good and bad…… I still loved his part in “Johnny Mnemonic” as J-Bone…… Anyway, you got yourself Four (4) White Pawns…..

  18. Thanx, I did not know his name and I thought he helped make “JM” the great movie it was.

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