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MR’s De-Ed Checker Update

Here’s the Latest Standings, and, this time, They are in “Highest to Lowest” order…… Seems Anon (and a few others) didn’t pay attention when I said they were in “Alphabetical” order last time…… So-o-o, here they are: 1st Place: Izard: Twenty-One (21) Red Checkers, Two (2) Black Checkers 2nd Place: Jek: Sixteen (16) Red Checkers, […]

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Who Said It?…..

Looks as if I’m Head Quizzer of all things not musical ( although, I might step into J.J.’s area on occasion)….. I have found the “One Book to Rule Them All” – The Bigger Book….. Here’s the first quiz from said source: In 1998, a performing artist made the following statement: “It’s very exciting to […]