Image Test – Mount Stuart

Randalf’s post reminded me that there was a bug in the image upload code for IE users. I made a change and am testing it with this post. Please enjoy the shot of Mount Stuart below from our backpacking trip a couple of weeks ago near Iron Peak, which is south of The Enchantments.

Mount Stuart

12 Responses to “Image Test – Mount Stuart”

  1. I told Jek I was having problems posting pictures weeks ago and he just blew me off, telling me I was screwing up somehow….. Hah, I’m vindicated!…… An apology might be in order, Jek-o…..

  2. As If.

  3. #3 by huskysooner

    Who the heck still uses IE?

  4. Some of us still like it here in the dark ages (IE) Becides with dial up it takes too long to download something new, and quite frankly I don’t have the time to learn something new.

  5. No apologies for IE being a buggy browser; at least IE6 is buggy. I probably should apologize for AssUM(e)ing that you couldn’t follow directions and have fat fingers–well I apologize for the former anyways. 😉

  6. Is that my fat fingers you are referring too, Jek….. I have “Manly” fingers, Sir….. My keyboard just has a mind of it’s own…..

  7. Actually I mostly meant it in the typographical error sense. I’ve always loved the term Fat Finger, as it’s easy to imagine big ‘ol fingers mashing 3 keys at once.

  8. I’ll have you know my fingers only mash two keys at a time and usually just catches the edge of the second one….. Here’s an example: HJerkl….. I was typing Jek….. um-m-m-m, looks like I see the word “Jerk” in there (Ha-Ha)……

  9. Now now, Mr. Am-b-jerk. See I can type it too.

  10. I know you don’t believe it, but, I typed “HJerkl” without noticing the Jerk until after I had typed it…… The only thing I made sure of was that I caught 2 keys for each letter when I typed it…… It’s true…..

  11. Ding Ding Ding, now go to your neutral corners and when the bell rings come out swinging. No more hitting below the belt. DING

  12. He’s right, Jek, let’s go after J.J.!…….

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