I Haven’t Disappeared (Totally)……

Been super busy the last three days with car trouble, VA appointment, setting up my new HDTV system, mowing, etc., etc….. I hereby promise that by tomorrow evening this post will be replaced with the new quiz and I’ll get all needed comments made and a new points update…… Gotta go, still got a few connections to hook-up on the surround sound system…… It’ll be worth the wait…… MAKE NO COMMENTS ON THIS POST AS I AM GOING TO REPLACE IT TOMORROW WITH THE NEW QUIZ…… If I don’t, then you can comment on my tardiness…….

14 Responses to “I Haven’t Disappeared (Totally)……”

  1. Yeah yeah… Here it is almost Tuesday in OK (not that I’m in OK, okay?) Only at MRC do we get posts that are place-holders for posts.

    Hey, got a good topic for everyone: Procrastination. I’d get started on it, but need to think about it first. Maybe tomorrow… 😀 😀

  2. What part of, “MAKE NO COMMENTS ON THIS POST” do you not understand?….. Now I have to leave this post for all to see and come up with a different excuse for my procrastination….. I do have an advantage: Your “tomorrow” comes two hours earlier than mine…….

  3. Huh?

  4. Huh?…. is right….. Jek got me procrastinating so bad, I got my time differential backwards….. His “tomorrow” is actually two hours LATER than mine, but, not to worry, I have already made all my promised Posts and Comments…..

  5. I just thought that maybe you had perfected procrastination to the point of being able to put off tomorrow.

  6. That would be nice to control Space-Time Procrastination…… That way you could promise to do something tomorrow, not do it until next week, induce Space-Time Procrastination, and have it done yesterday…..

  7. Careful with the big screen, surround sound. Once there, you can never go back. Especially for those of us old geezers, hard of hearing & seeing.

  8. WHAT?….. OH-H-H YEAH!….. The older, the bigger, the louder….. Seems to all “Come Together”……. This comment should be read LOUD!……

    Note to Jek: See what happens when you reserve a space and tell everybody not to make comments on it?….. Works, doesn’t it?….. eh?…..

  9. Hmmm, me thinks that trick may only work once, Mr. Pro Crast Nator.

    Regarding big screens and such: we’re waiting until things come down one more chunk in price before making the plunge — or if our CRT bites it. For sound, we recently moved to a sound bar technology with 23 separate amps and speakers that shoot sound in all different directions. The result is quite impressive for a surround system with speakers in only one spot. It’s a real spouse pleaser let me tell ya.

  10. I will agree that your sound bar is definitely c-o-o-l and you don’t have all those rear speakers and wires to trip over….. Wonder how they came up with 23?…… I wonder if they worked the divine proportion ratio in there somehow?……

  11. I have nothing to say at this particular moment.

  12. That is most extraordinary in itself, J…….

  13. I think J deserves a checker for that.

  14. We’ve moved on to Pawns now, but, I agree, J. does deserve One (1) White Pawn for knowing when to sit down and shut up……. Good Boy, J….. Have a DOGG (Rub-b-b-b-ber) Biscuit to go with that Pawn……

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