It’s That Time Again….

Yep, it’s yearly inspection time for the Great Northwest Seattle HQ…… After a short vacation in Portland (01OCT-04OCT), I’ll then be heading for Seattle (05OCT-11OCT) to conduct a surprise inspection on Jektown and various unsuspecting MR community members…..

You say, “How can it be a surprise inspection if I’m Posting the fact that I’m on my way?”…… Well, I intend to catch those slackers who haven’t been checking in with us lately…… PD Bob wants names and addresses…. I haven’t told him yet that I planned the trip at the same time he has a mission he can’t get out of…… Of course, he has a body of an over-sized rodent and the memory of an elephant, so, he will insist on the info as soon as I get back….. He’s already working on a “Punishment SOP” manual…… So-o-o, I advise all Northwester’s to be prepared….. White glove inspection is the protocol…..

One Response to “It’s That Time Again….”

  1. I told you guys when I conducted my inspection tour in dec 08′ That this was coming. Oh yeah MR. Remember what one of your duties is while at MRHQ NW. I know Jek can’t have them hidden too well, I’m sure they are not being guarded by armed troops. And someone has to have a Cassette Deck in Seattle.

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