Run, Hide, I’m Coming

It’s time for my semi annual visit to the Great White MR Central NW division. I will be in country 10 Dec thru 14 Dec I look forward to seeing Jek and Tarn and Meeting the rest of you. Hope to be at Jek’s lair on the 12th or 13th with spot inspections through out. Shape up I’m comin’. See ya soon.

13 Responses to “Run, Hide, I’m Coming”

  1. Believe me, hide your huskies and children, the J-man is on the way to the Great Northwest, eh?…… You have been amply warned!….. J. had better watch out, as I may stowaway in his luggage…… Seems I can’t beg, borrow, or steal my way out of Oklahoma

  2. You Know they say Pet Tickets are real cheap this time of year.

  3. I wouldn’t do that to you, J……… – Besides if we put you in a pet carrier, I’d have to do all the driving, and, it’s a far piece all the way to the Great Northwest, and I always miss that left turn at Albuquerque…….

  4. Damn. The 13th you say. Wouldn’t you know it.

  5. Let Me guess anon, You are gonna be out of town then Huh?

  6. No,no. I gota wash socks that day.

  7. Smile Away. I’ll See ya Sat the 13th Dirty Feet and all.

  8. The 13th is when we’ll get to see if Seattle is big enut for da bofe of us. (Isn’t that how you say it J?) 😛

  9. Yea See, Make room for the enforcer see, Big enuf seee.

  10. Greetings from Seattle. Everything is so far ship shape ( Especially since we just got though riding on 3 ferry’s) We are heading over to the Secret NW HQ of this blog for dinner with Jek and Tarn and will be performing live on Fri. Having a wonderful time. Later friends.

  11. Just checkin’ in kids. Had a Great day hanging with anon, and Jek. Also Dinner last night with Jek, Tarn and Mrs. J.J. and me was most excellent. I don’t think there is a bad restaurant in Seattle. And then we went for some live music. Ended up in a country bar, heard a rather good band(for Country) and had a ale. BTW Picture this, I dare you all, The band did a “Honky Tonk” version of Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”! I’m sure Freddy Mercury Is Rolling over in whatever afterlife he ended up in!. Anyhoo Anon, Jek, And Myself played for a while yesterday and had some fun. I have not had the privilege of playing with Jek for several years, one word FUN. and Meeting anon for the 1st time was well worth the wait. So I will give this inspection tour an A-( Just because of the weather) and the MRambler Community NW Division is hereby granted licence to operate for another year. See all ya back in plain ol OK soon.

  12. Welcome back to plain flat boring MR Central. I’m back at my post(job hunting) and once again thanks to Jek and anon for a wonderful visit. BTW how much of the white stuff did you get in town? We got about 1.5 in Bothell fun trek to services Sun Morn. I must say Seattle is a nice place to visit but…… I guess I’m just a flat lands kinda guy.

  13. Yo. Snow storm #3 since the one you saw last Sat/Sun. It’s crazy here. You’d think we were in the midwest with below freezing temps for days, snow/ice slip slip. The bus service here is letting us down too.

    Time to hunker down.

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