Seattle Beware…..

Yep, it’s time Mrambler pulled an inspection of the Seattle branch of MR Central…… Actually, it’s more of a vacation as I get out of Oklahoma for a while and enjoy the Great White North….. I plan to see lots of new things, including looking around for future digs along with visiting old friends, such as Jimi H.….. It’s going to be a great trip – “Wish You Were There”…..

11 Responses to “Seattle Beware…..”

  1. Have a great Trip, Wish I could go this year but alas..
    By The Way, Does the new “Body Scan” Count as a MRI toward the deductible of most Insurance Plans?
    God Speed Midnight Rambler.

  2. Damn, the last person who left town turned off the lights.

  3. Is that why PDB called and asked me if I still had a set of nighttime vision goggles?

  4. Must be sneaking into town.

  5. Sneaking?….. I’m bringing my full entourage (PB Bob) and a Brass band, and, I do expect a parade at MRC HQ North on my arrival….. Anon, I don’t know if you know it yet, but, you are my designated escort for tomorrow (17NOV10)…… Time to see some more of the Great Outdoors you NorthWesterners are always bragging about (and, we are going to drop PDB DEEP in the mountains and he has until our departure time on the 30th to make it back to Jek’s in time for the flight back – Survival Training is what I told him he had to have in order to get his MRC Sneak Badge, Class I (Really, it’s just to keep him out of our hair during my visit)….. If he’s late, then he’ll have to sneak all the way back to Oklahoma…… Is that mean?…. Na-a-a-a!…. You should have to put up with him 24/7 sometimes….. Just a little Pay Back…… Welp, I’m Booked and I’m Bound to Go…. Watch Out Seattle – Here I come……

  6. Survival training? He showed up here about ten minutes ago and said he wanted to watch a bunch of nature videos from netflix. He’s watching a Nova about Yellow Stone right now. Did you know that’s the world’s largest caldera? He says the next thing is a nature about wolverines in the Seattle area. I didn’t know there were any in the area. I think I’ll make him sleep in the cat enclosure out back.

  7. That must of been PD Bob’s second cousin – PD Bubba, since I know for a fact PD Bob made it as far as Chicago….. Alaska Airways had overbooked the Seattle flight and were offering money and future tickets to anyone who wanted to give up their seats on the flight….. PDB somehow came up with six (yes, 6) boarding passes with different names and ID’s….. He would run to the restroom, change identities, give up that seat and cash-in on the goodies, and then run back to the restroom and do it again….. Lat I saw of him he was headed out the door on his way to some Blues club with a $1,200.00 in his grubby little hands saying he would catch up with me in Seattle sometime before the 30th……. His ingenuity and greed far exceed his size and probably that of the universe…. Anyway, I did make it to Seattle and having a Great time…..

  8. Yeah, MR snucked into town. Got me lost somewhere between Tacoma and Seattle. Lucky to make it back home.

    Yeah, Yellow Stone is the worlds largest caldera and is bulging more every year. She’s gonna blow and it’s gonna be a big one.

    Saw the wolverine show. Never heard of wolverines here in Washington State…Then I ran into a guy fishing who claims to have seen one. First I ever heard of any here. I know they have them in the other Washington. PDB beware….chew up your little ass.

  9. Yeah, I believe “Mr. Navigator Anon” was the “Lost One”…… I just did the driving…… Anon lives in the Great White North, but, he was totally “Lost in The Ozone” in finding the direction North……. Anon forgot to mention that PD Bob did show up , completely nil of funds, and with this weird bandage wrapped around his head….. He looked as if he was doing a Keith Richard as it was a pirate looking bandana….. He claims to have jammed with Buddy Guy and then got into this no-limit poker game – Which he won – BUT, then he got rolled in the alleyway on the South side of Chicago – hence the funky bandage…… So-o-o, we did our duty and left him DEEP in “who knows where” as we were as lost as we could be at the time….. Haven’t heard from him as yet…… As I said before, if he doesn’t make it back to Jek’s by the 30th, he won’t get his survival badge, and, he’ll have to use one of those free airline tickets he scammed out of Alaska Airways to get back MRC Headquarters…..

  10. Ok, Now let me get this straight. Anon got lost between Sea and Tac? And he has lived in the area for how long?
    As for the Fur Butt, Isn’t the Air Force’s Superman School (Where the P.J’s Train) up in the cascades somewhere?

  11. You got it J. – We roamed the docks all the way from Seattle to Tacoma with brief intervals of Anon stating, “I know where we are, turn left here – Darn, we should’ve went straight! – Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure of where we are, just keep going this way – No, No, right!”…… That mostly sums-up the day’s travel……

    As far as PDB, he did turn up finally…… He took a break from his stealth/camouflage course just long enough to report in and bum some funds for some outrageous scam he was setting up for the other trainees…… Yes, that is PDB in the photo…. A little small for a snowman, but, convincing other wise……

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