That’s right, Skiattle….. Remember me telling everyone about how little snow and ice Seattle gets?…. Well, I guess it just takes a visit from me to screw it all up!….. It’s like 19 degrees out there right now (the high for the day is supposed to be a scorching 27 degrees) and there is SNOW and ICE everywhere – It snowed most of yesterday, but, as the ground was still warm, it was all water on the roadways – That changed quick enough as the temp went into the dumpster early in the day and continued falling to the 19 degrees it is now…..

The Sun is out though today, but, it is definitely bumper car city out there….. AND, the best part (yeah, right) is more is predicted to be on the way….. I’m now wondering if Thanksgiving will be celebrated in here in Seattle instead of on the Columbia river in Skamokawa as is traditional, and, one of the main reasons I came all the way to the Great White North for in the first place (I guess the “White” should have been a hint to me…eh?)…. …Still, I’m having a great time and would love to live here as opposed to Oklahoma…..

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  1. Oklahoma is all messed up too. I used the A/C yesterday it’s almost T-day and I had to use the A/C and we didn’t even set a high temp record. Have fun with all that ice and snow up there.

  2. Yeah, it looks like Oklahoma in January around here….. We didn’t even attempt to go anywhere in a car yesterday – The high was in the mid-20’s and the streets and roads are most definitely slick and icy….. They just rolled-up most of the streets as lots of businesses decided to close the doors since hardly no one is out and about….. You should be getting this today or tomorrow as it supposed to warm back up here in the next day or two….. Have fun when it gets there (Ha!)……

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