Anyone out there been lucky enough to have seen our Super-Tech Jek lately?…… I can’t catch-up with him……

First, he’s in Seattle, then I hear he’s in Ft. Worth – Then Houston – Then Seattle!….. Now I hear that he’s in Venice, Italy – Soon to be headed for Munich, Germany….. Has our Super-Tech turned into an International Playboy or what?……

Must be nice – How do you get a job like that?….. Send me an application – PLEASE……

8 Responses to “SEEN JEK?……”

  1. If you wanna keep up with the illusive little peanut do like I do Check out his facebook page.

  2. I saw him a few weeks ago, but I’ve also been busy globetrotting — Montreal last week, Atlanta this week. I hope I’ll get to catch up with Jek sometime soon… I *think* we’ll both be at the same party a couple weekends from now (presuming he’s not out-of-town).

  3. Ciao da Venezia!

    Tarn and I are having a great time and have been thinking alot about you guys… Right! 🙂 We’ll toast you the next chance we can. Hey Tarn, pass the Vino.


  4. @JJ: Sorry, my FB is pretty out of date. You’ll have to try harder to keep up than that.

    @TTop: I think I can make it, but I need to check my schedule.

    BTW, Anon, you’d love the Guggenheim collection. Very modern, very you.

  5. J.J., you need a faster truck to even get close to Jek’s taillights!…..

    Anon, check out the virtual tour at the Guggenheim museum on the link Jek left in Comment #4…… It’s really C-o-o-l…….

    I thought this Post might bring Jek to the surface….. I just didn’t expect it so soon…… Anyways, PD Bob’s been tailing him for the past few weeks, but, PDB even said Jek’s about to wear him down….. He said he was going to take a few days rest and roam around Rome and then head home….

  6. Guggenheim is cool.

    Dont expect PDB any time soon. He just discovered gelato and Campari.

  7. Jek: Now honestly did you ever think in your wildest dreams when you were a little peanut that you would be someday standing in Venice Italy with your beautiful wife enjoying the world? Hope you two have a wonderful vacation and salute. Be safe.

  8. I second that, J.J. – Have the time of your life – You LUCKY DOGS!……. Ciao, Salute, and Heil Jek and Tarn!……

    (Note to PDB: Where the hell are you? Anon warned me….)

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