I need Advice Friends.

I am soliciting advice from friends and family on something.
I have been working for the same company for over 2 years now, Every time that I want some time off I am given grief and they act like I am stealing from them. I am in a industry that takes me away from my home for weeks at a time, and this company does not usually have loads that take me to parts of the country where my family and friends live. And when I can manage to get to parts of the country where people are that I wish to visit with, they don’t want me to take any time off to see anyone. All they want is Keep Moving, Gotta Go, No time to stop. Etc.
Also the health Insurance that we have through them Is causing me to have to file Bankruptcy.
But the dilemma is that 1st It is getting increasingly harder to find jobs in the trucking industry, Companies won’t hire drivers who Do not stay somewhere for long periods of time. I have a history since 2002 of changing companies when it gets unbearable or when the lies take over the operation of the company. 2nd I am comfortable with this company, I know their ways, customers, Dispatchers, Etc. And I am making good money Here.
So what I am asking, Should I Find somewhere that has better Benefits, and home time and make less, Make another change that would make me even more unemployable, or Should I stay with the status quo.?

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  1. J.J.

    Can you get better insurance somewhere else? (will the fed come through for us?)

    Seems health insurance is a big factor in a job. How many people would vote with their feet if we had a single payer plan?

  2. That’s a tough one, Mr. J…… Seems to me the major problems are they’re “Pushin’ Too Hard”, and the group insurance stinks…… Both of those seem to effect most businesses across the board these days due to the economy, our government, etc…… So, the big question is: Do you know of, or, think that there is another company out there without these two problems and that you would want to work for?…… Therein lies the problem, you usually don’t know how good a job really is until you’ve worked at the place for a while…. So, you need to do some soul searchin’ to decide if your current job is really totally intolerable, and, if it is, then do some job searchin’ to see what your options are….. Unfortunately, this is one of those life things that you and your wife will ultimately have to decide……

    My only exposure to “company insurance” was at Standard Homes and it was fair at best…. I had co-pays on both office visits and meds… I never needed it for anything major….. The cost was around $30 a week and that was for a single person, but, that was 15 years ago….. Since I got in the VA in 2004, I can’t gripe, but, it seems the government (Feds and State) are slowly cutting benefits to the bone….. I think they would do away with the VA, if they thought they could get away with it….. Don’t get me started on that!…..

    Drop by next time you’re in town and we’ll talk further, in the meantime, you have to do what you have to do…… (I don’t know what means either!)…….

  3. What ever you decide to do. You can look for a new job well at your current job. So keep your eyes open maybe something will come up. Get your resume up to speed and turn it in every where you can. If word gets back to your current boss maybe he will treat you better.

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