Music Trivia(Bet Ya didn’t Know)2

We all know the cover to the Beatles Abbey Road Album

An interesting little bit of useless knowledge has come to my attention.
The photo was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan during a photo shoot on Friday 8 August 1969 the famous photo was taken at approximately 1100am GMT (London Time)
Not 24 hours later at 2355pm Pacific time 4 persons entered the grounds at 10050 Cielo Drive In Benedict Canyon Los Angeles, Ca on the orders of their leader/Guru/God Charles Manson and brutally murdered 5 people.
A strange twist of fate, The prosecution tying the motive for the murders to the Beatles and their music and that same day one of the most famous Beatles covers was being photographed.

11 Responses to “Music Trivia(Bet Ya didn’t Know)2”

  1. I hadn’t put the two events together in the timeline of “The Beatles”……

    Life is “Stranger Than Friction” (yes, Friction), which is a new song we (Terraplane) just finished….. It’s an instrumental with two distinct parts separated by a Bass and Keyboard slow part….. We conned Jek into doing the short keyboard solo…. IF JEK will give his permission that I have synched it up in the right spot, I’ll post it for everyone to hear and comment on…..

    Oh, yeah, The Walrus was Paul?……

  2. MR. there is no Walrus in the picture, and Paul isn’t wearing his Walrus shoes either.

  3. Nope, Paulie’s bare feet just look Walrusie all by themselves…… The reference was to the Beatle album that has the song title that was painted (in blood) on the fridge at the crime scene….. H.S., and I don’t mean HuskeySooner, it’s Helter Skelter…… The album was “THE BEATLES” – better known as “The White Album”……

  4. For a band of Brits why did they make a red, white, and blue album. Seems kind of American to me. What’s with the white John suit (looks like a funeral or wedding to me). Nice white beetle thought.

  5. Robo. They did not make a Red, Or A blue album. Those were Capitol/EMI Projects. The Red(’62-’66) and The Blue(’67-’70) were released in 1973 trying to capitolize (Pun Intended) on keeping the Beatles revenue Gravy Train Rolling.

  6. Capitol also issued those two albums and the “White” album on colored Vinyl – i.e: Red, White, and Blue vinyl….. Jek has all three in his possession, which, doesn’t necessarily mean he owns them….. Figure that one out……

  7. That’s easy to figure out, Kinda like a certain few Cassette tapes that he has in his possession.
    DO I have to say It
    Which I believe DOGG FM44 was a subsidiary of Too Loose Productions The Tapes Which If I am not mistaken are the Intellectual Properties of Too Loose Productions Of which MR I believe is the President/CEO/Founder/Chief cook-Bottle Washer/Custodian etc.
    And Jek Is Vice President/CFO/IT Admin Etc.
    To Summarize. Possession is 9/10 of the law.

  8. Somehow Jek, with his computer skills, made Possession 12 10ths of the Law…..

    PD Bob is considering a colvert operation in order to obtain said tapes – “I can say no more!” (What movie is that from, J.?)

  9. It’s closer to 13/10ths. Ha!

    Actually I’m not exactly sure where they are. I need to form a search party for a looksy.

  10. Be happy to be of assistance…. Just send round-trip ticket and search parameters…… Ha-Ha!…..

  11. (That would be the Diabolical United artists diabolical 1965 release originally titled Diabolically “Eight Arms To Hold You” Shortened to “HELP” “Mad Scientist, properly equipped eh? It’s in your hands, THE VOTERS!! BTW Whats your Electric Bill Like? Kinda a Long Counter-fold type) When PDB Gets done with his Colvert Operation is he gonna do a Covert one?

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