Quiz 2010-1, Phase “C”…..

Phase “C” may be the one to finish out Quiz 2010-1, maybe, we’ll see…..

Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points……

Slight Change in the rules – The first one to 100 doesn’t necessarily win the cool prize….. We’re going to let Phase “C” run until next Friday 14MAY10 – 1400 hrs – CDT…… The person with the most Points that has surpassed the 100 Point mark is the WINNER!….. Please review all the other rules as stated in the previous Phases…..

Here We Go:

1. Name Types of Amusement Places (47 Total)
2. Name Symphony Orchestra Instruments (31 Total)
3. Name Poisonous Mushrooms (16 Total)
4. Name Newspaper Types (15 Total)
5. Name Measurement and Scientific Units Named for People (32 Total)
6. Name Nixon’s Enemies List (36 Total) – Yes, Tricky Dickey…
7. Name Fuels (91 Total)
8. Name Brand Names that have become Words (27 Total)
9. Name Alkalis (a basic substance with a pH > 7) (15 Total)

That’s all there is to it…. So-o-o, GET TO IT!!!!

70 Responses to “Quiz 2010-1, Phase “C”…..”

  1. 1 Places
    Monster truck rally
    creek (swimming hole)
    smoke eazy
    slot car track
    nude beaches
    dog track
    wax museum
    motocross track
    sky jump
    swimming pool

    7 fuels
    whale blubber
    switch grass
    cow patties
    politicians (really Zook)
    Jews (Zook gave me the idea I hope it’s not on the list:( )
    Vegetable oil

    8 brands
    Wal Mart
    Chef boyardee

  2. Maybe I really didn’t “Need” to know all that much about “Puppet Shows” after all, Zook, but, I think you were right by placing it at the “End” of your list…..

    Sorry, no hits on your “Fuel” list, Zook – The Stats stay the same….. Be ready tomorrow for the hints, maybe they will direct all you Guizers in the right direction……

    Robo, since I didn’t put a marker so this comment would be in the proper order, and, you posted your comment while I was writing mine, you will just have to wait until later today for me to grade your Guizes, as I have priorities to take care of right now (like a nap)……

  3. Hmm… here’s an interesting one.

    1: Rapeseed oil / oilseed rape / Brassica napus.

    All of these are the same. This was, I believe, originally grown primarily for fuel, not food, since there was a chemical (some acid) present that was toxic. (Not kill-you toxic, just make-you-no-feel-so-good toxic.)

    Some folks in Canada bred this chemical out; the resulting variety is called… CANOLA! Yum!

    Which means we also have an answer to 8:

    8: Canola (From CANada Oil Low Acid.)

  4. If Zook can do it with canola oil
    I can do it with soy beans
    1 soy oil
    8 soy sauce (kikkoman)

  5. Hrm. Just realized that my answer to (1) above should have been labeled (7). I don’t think Canola is an amusement place.

    Or maybe it is…


    Seems like the leaders are hard after the prize….. I am starting to see further reaching guesses and some repeats, so, maybe tomorrow ‘youse guys will get back on track with a few clues…..

    1. Robo gets One (1) Point for Swimming Pool (how did that get missed for so long?)…….
    7. Robo stinks-up One (1) Point for Cow Patties (Buffalo Chips)….. ….And since I gave Robo a little latitude with that answer, I’m going to give Zook One (1) Point for his Politicians answer and the info on the origins of the word Canola….
    8. All misses from both Guizers……

    “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 129 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 128 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 84 Points, 4th Place: Anon 35 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points…… Robo’s back in the lead, but, by only One (1) thin Point……

    1. 18 remaining, 2. 3 remaining, 3. 13 remaining, 4. 9 remaining, 5. 6 remaining, 6. 15 remaining, 7. 64 remaining, 8. 24 remaining, 9. 2 remaining

  7. I “Guize” that claiming extreme allergy attack and generally feeling yucky will not excuse me from preforming my duties as Quiz-O-Master and giving you Quizzers a lifeline with a few clues….. eh? ….I thought NOT!…..

    These hints may be about as “Fuzzy” as my head is, but, here they are “For What It’s Worth”:

    1. 1 of the major sports is missing – 5 deal with wetness: liquid or frozen – Up is another place to look – 2 deal with bulls or horses and cows – 2 deal with plants…..
    2. Brass instrument similar to one named already…..
    3. Anon, I’m disappointed, I thought you would get most of these – Maybe you did and these are too general – Look over the list after I post it and see – Adjustments can be made – Hints: Halloween, ’60’s Psychedelic, and Hell…..
    4. Locations and Variants – Hard to give hints without giving it all away – Here’s one – non-paper…..
    5. Hints: BL3 (1st letter, end letter, No. of letters) – JY6 – NR5 – PE5 – SS6 – SG8…….
    6. Try a football star, organizations and newspapers…..
    7. This list is very specific – Lots of different coals – gasolines – gases – This is another one that you might want to take issue with the answers when they are posted – all complaints will be dealt with depending on the stretchability of the comparison of actual answer and submitted answer (What?)……
    8. You have to look way back to products that have been around a long time – Hints: Headache, small cut, audio, floor, go up in a mall…..
    9. Hint: Lincoln….

    That’s it – Submit your “Guizes” and I will sort them out accordingly…..

  8. 1
    soccer field
    bull fighting
    bull rink
    hockey rink
    flower garden
    rose garden

    Alka Seltzer
    band aid

    I hope I struck first:)

  9. 4:

    The Washington Post
    The New York Times
    The ACLU




  10. #10 by MRambler


    Looks like everyone has “Given Up the Ghost” except the Two leaders, Robo and Zook…… Robo stuck first….. Let’s see what gives:

    1. Robo relaxes with Three (3) Points for: Bull Fighting Arena, Rodeo Grounds, and Botanical Garden…..

    4. Zook reads One (1) Point for Online (Electronic Newspaper)….

    5. Robo names One (1) Point for Bel…..

    6. Zook found Three (3) Points for: The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the ACLU…..

    8. Robo names Three (3) Points for: Aspirin, Band-Aid, and Escalator…

    9. Zook coins-up One (1) Point for Copper…..

    “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 136 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 133 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 84 Points, 4th Place: Anon 35 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points…… Robo’s still maintains a slim lead of Three (3) Points….

    1. 15 remaining, 2. 3 remaining, 3. 13 remaining, 4. 8 remaining, 5. 5 remaining, 6. 12 remaining, 7. 64 remaining, 8. 21 remaining, 9. 1 remaining

    Got a VA appointment EARLY in the morning – So-o-o, it’s iffy if I will get the chance to update again before the Quiz ends – but, I will try – if not – give it your best shot, and we’ll see who comes out on top!…..

  11. 1: wading pool


    3: psilocybin

    4: state, city, regional, national, international

    6: United Nations, Amnesty International

    7: rubber, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, naphthalene, acetylene

    8: jacuzzi

    9: zinc

  12. 1
    Log rides
    sky diving
    bungee jumping
    rotating restaurant
    jockey club
    joy ride (which leads to)
    over Look
    scenic turn off
    comic books
    jalopy (the measure of age and lack of care)
    jersey (the measure of wool)
    jiggly (the measure jello)
    jitney (the smallness of the bus)
    jockey (the measure of how much is lost on a horse)
    jouncy (the measure of bounciness)

  13. #13 by MRambler

    Runnin’ a little late – Just got back from my VA appointment…… I NEED REST – I glanced at the final submittals from the two leaders and it’s gonna be close……

    Here’s what I decided to do – I actually have Two (2), YES, Two (2) of the Factory Sealed Hendrix Limited Edition Singles – So-o-o-o, since Zook and Robo fought it out to the very end with all you other wimps bowing out early, I’m going to give BOTH of them a sealed copy of the CD along with a CD that has the disc art and mp3 copies of the Three (3) songs (Two on the CD and the Downloaded Bonus Track)….. How’s that!!!!

    Now, I’m gonna take a rest – Tomorrow morning I will post all the answers and grade the last ones submitted by Robo and Zook to see which one of them is the WINNER! Why, you may ask, since I’m giving them the same prizes?…. Not exactly, The CD’s are NUMBERED – Therefore, the “Guizer” with the most Points (i.e. 1st Place) gets the CD with the LOWEST production number!….

    Thanx for participating and GOODNIGHT!… I’ll have the results comment up sometime in the morning…. No Need to thank me or say what a great Quiz-O-Master I am (although it might help you when we start Quiz 2010-2 in a couple of weeks)……

  14. ARE YOU READY?…. Here’s how it all finished out…..

    1. Zook and Robo both miss the E-Ticket ride – No Points…..
    3. Zook doesn’t get poisoned with Psilocybin – No Point…..
    4. Robo misses with comic book – Zook reads One (1) Point with Regional Newspaper……
    5. I’m giving Robo One (1) Point for all of his “J” answers for Humor – Not correctness……
    6. Zook misses Tricky Dick – No Points…..
    7. Zook blows it out with Five (5) Points for: Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Octane, and Naphthalene……
    8. Sorry, No Jacuzzi, Zook – No Points…..
    9. And, Last. but, not least No Point for Zinc, Zook…..

    “FINAL STANDINGS”: 1st place: Zook 139 Points, 2nd Place: Robo 137 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 84 Points, 4th Place: Anon 35 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points……

    Zook takes it all to the Bank with a slim Two (2) Point WIN, which means he gets Hendrix CD# 1697/15000, and Robo with his super close second gets Hendrix CD# 1894/15000 (which was the one the 1st Place winner was going to get if the Quiz wasn’t so close – But, it’s only right for me to give up #1697, I think, Oh, Well it’s done now)….. I will hand deliver Robo’s…. Zook, I need your mailing address or I can send it to Jek and let him do the honors….. Send me an e-mail at mrambler@mrambler.com and let me know which way to go……


    Tomorrow (Maybe a little earlier/Maybe a little later) I will Post all the remaining answers as I do have a life – I have to get ready for a PARTY tonight and some serious recording tomorrow…….

  15. #15 by MRambler

    ZOOK – I NEED AN ADDRESS FOR YOUR PRIZE DELIVERY OR YOUR OK TO SEND IT TO JEK WHO WILL, IN TURN, GET IT TO YOU (If I don’t hear anything by Thursday, I’m sending it to Jek via PD Bob)…..

    Okay, here are the unanswered answers:

    1. AMUSEMENT PLACES: Aquarium, Basketball Court, Bicycle Path, Billiard/Pool Parlor, Fishing Body of Water, Gambling Place, Horseriding Farm, Nature Center, Planetarium, Playhouse, Polo Field, Ski Area, Swimming Hole, Tobaggan Run, Velodrome….

    2. INSTRUMENTS: Cornet (Duh!) and Cor Anglais (What?)…..

    3. MUSHROOMS: Big Laughing Mushroom, Deadly Galerina, Death Angelemetic Mushroom, False Morel, Fly Agaric, Fly Fungus, Gyromitra, Jack-O-Lantern, Lawn Funnel Cap, Magic Mushroom, Satan’s Mushroom, Yellow Stainer……

    4. NEWSPAPERS: Free Newspaper, Hard News Newspaper, Independent Newspaper, Popular Press, Quality Press, School Newspaper, Soft News Newspaper…..

    5. MEASUREMENT/PEOPLE: Jansky, Neper, Poise, Stokes, Svedberg…..

    6. NIXON: Jack Anderson, Ramsey Clark, Harold J. Gibbons, Dick Gregory, Steve McQueen, Joe Namath, Socialist Workers’ Party, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Barbra Streisand, George H. Talbot, Arthur R. Taylor,Thomas J. Watson Jr…….

    7. FUELS: Aviation Fuel, Bagasse, Benzine, Blind Coal, Briquette, Broken Coal, Brown Coal, Buckwheat Coal, Bunker Fuel, Cannel, Carbureted Water Gas, Chestnut Coal, Coal Gas, Coke, Crude Oil, Egg Coal, Ethyl Gasoline, Firewood, Flaxseed Coal, Fuel Cell, Furnace Oil, Gas Carbon, Gasohol, Glance Coal, Grate Coal, Hog Fuel, Isooctane, Kaoliang Leaded Gasoline, Lignite, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Liquid Oxygen, Lump Coal, Manufactured Gas, Motor Fuel, Mustard-Seed Coal, Nut Coal, Packaged Fuel, Pea Coal, Petroleum Coke, Premium Gasoline, Producer Gas, Propellant, Regular Gasoline, renewable Energy, Rocket Fuel, Sea Coal, Shale Oil, Solar Power, Steamboat Coal, Stove Coal, Synfuel, Synthol, Triptane, Unleaded Gasoline, Water Power, White Gasoline, Wind Power, Zip Fuel…..

    8. BRAND NAMES: Corn Flakes, Cube Steak, Dry Ice, Excelsior, Gramophone, Granola, Gunk, Heroin, Kerosene, Lanolin, Linoleum, Mimeograph, Moxie, Nylon, Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, Simonize, Teflon, Thermos, Trampoline, Zipper…..

    9. ALKALIS: Nonacid…….

    That’s it, Guizers until next Quiz-O in a couple of weeks or so……

  16. Shipping info submitted, oh Great Guiz Master.

    A couple comments:

    2: Cor Anglais is an English horn. Kicking myself on the cornet, though.

    9: What a bizarre list.

  17. Good to hear from you, Zook, PD Bob declared your prize as unclaimed and has been trying to weasel it out me for two days now….. I will get your fantastic Prize on it’s way today or tomorrow at the latest….. Enjoy!…..

    On the Bizarre list thingy – Were you talking about Brand Names, which is No. 8, which I thought was rather bizarre, or No. 9 Alkalis, which I wouldn’t have known whether it was bizarre or not?…..

    Robo pointed out to me that he did get “Swimming Hole” on #1…. I checked and he did have it listed in Comment #51 as: Creek (Swimming Hole)….. So-o-o, In the end, it was One (1) Point Victory – That’s as close as you can get and still Win…… Great Quiz, Everyone…..

  18. 8 and 9 were both odd.

    8 because it seems to miss a bunch of obvious ones. 9 because when

    I think of alkalis I think of things that are actually basic. The list focused on alkalai metals, which is fine, but I know my alkalai metals to be group 1a on the period table, which is but a subset of your answers. The final “nonacid” is just plain odd in this context, though.

  19. MR,

    I have to take umbrage with with your source of shroom facts.

    Death angelemetric……. is the Destroying Angel

    Fly Fungus…….. is the Fly Amanita

    Magic Mushroom………..is the name given to Psilocybin (or Psilocybe) by certain injesters back in the 70’s.

    The False Morel I know is not poisonous ……although that may be one you dont want to drink alcohol with…..a good idea with any suspect shroom.

    Not that three extra points would win me a prize but, your Big Book of facts is suspect.

  20. Yeah, Anon, that list was extra goofy…… I have to admit I split up the answer on Death Cap as it was listed as “Death Cap or Death Cup or Destroying Angel or Death Angelemetic” to give more answers….. I think all books of fact are usually suspect to individual interpretation and scope…..

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